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Credit: Aimee Ray (via Flickr)*

The Best 80s Cartoons for Girls and Boys

Are you a child of the 80s, or just one who grew up loving all of the 80s cartoons? They just don’t make cartoons like that anymore, and I’d argue they probably won’t ever again — heck, they’ve tried! While networks (and movie studios) have tried in recent years to revive some of the old 80s cartoons, nothing new really compares.

While there’s no “best 80s cartoons” list that everyone will agree on, I’m going to break down my five top picks for 80s girls’ cartoons and 80s boys’ cartoons, and then follow it up with a list of other cartoons from the 80s. See if they spark any memories, and then share your favorite 80s cartoons with us in the comments!

The Best 80s Cartoons for Girls

I grew up as a girl in 80s, so I’m a bit biased towards the female-oriented cartoons. To be completely honest with you, I still watch some of these when I need brain candy (and others I’d love to be able to get my hands on (namely the old Charmkins special and Rose Petal Place cartoons). Looking back at what my friends and I most often watched (and which shows sucked us into making our parents buy the most toys — the real purpose of many 80s cartoons), here are my top five picks for the best 80s cartoons for girls:

5. Lady Lovely Locks

Lady Lovely Locks Screenshot from Prince's Broken Heart Episode
Lady Lovely Locks Screenshot from Prince's Broken Heart Episode
Duchess Raven Waves Screenshot from Lady Lovely Locks Fire in the Sky Episode
Duchess Raven Waves Screenshot from Lady Lovely Locks Fire in the Sky Episode

I don’t remember a lot about the Lady Lovely Locks cartoon, but I remember that I just had to have the toys and for some reason the dolls’ hair always seemed insanely long (then again, the hair was kind of a focal point). But they were cute. They had pretty dresses. And they had those cute little Pixietails. For a little girl in the 80s, what wasn’t to love?

4. My Little Pony

From My Little Pony: The Movie
Screenshot from My Little Pony: The Movie
Credit: Aimee Ray (via Flickr)*
Credit: Aimee Ray (via Flickr)*

While I can’t say My Little Pony was necessarily one of my favorite 80s cartoon to watch, you have to admit they sure knew how to get little girls (and their parents) to buy toys. They could have created an infinite line of pony toys — change a color here, alter a size there — and we would have kept buying. Heck, we did! The cartoons themselves were cute, although I always found Megan to be a bit on the obnoxious side.

The My Little Pony movies were always better than the cartoons, but the quality was generally pretty similar. To this day I still love the characters of Catrina (one of the villans) and the bushwillies. I mean, come on, they were even cuter than the ponies!

My Little Pony is one of those 80 cartoons for girls that got a resurgence recently. While I haven’t seen new cartoons, I have seen the toys. This is one case where they didn’t mess with an 80s classic too much either — the new pony toys reminded me quite a bit of the originals.

3. Rainbow Brite

Credit: Slgrandson (via Wikipedia)*
Credit: Slgrandson (via Wikipedia)*
Credit: Erin Williamson (via Flickr)*
Credit: Erin Williamson (via Flickr)*

I loved this show. To this day though, I’m really not sure why. Maybe it was the contrast of the bright colors of the heroes combined with the more dismal settings in some of the stories. Maybe it was that I liked strong female lead characters (not that she was the strongest). Or maybe I just really, really wanted a horse like Starlite who could gallup through the sky on a rainbow. You tell me.

As much as I loved Rainbow Brite, I’m thrilled that it never got a full-scale update. I don’t recall a new cartoon version, but a few years ago they did try to bring back the show’s toys. They even kept them somewhat true to the originals. But Rainbow Brite is one 80s cartoon better left in the 80s.

2. Strawberry Shortcake

Screenshot from the original intro to The World of Strawberry Shortcake
Screenshot from the original intro to The World of Strawberry Shortcake
Credit: gizzypooh (via Flickr)
Credit: gizzypooh (via Flickr)

I wanted to make Strawberry Shortcake my number one pick for the top 80s cartoons for girls. I really did. But they killed it for me when they brought it back a few years ago. The updated animation was atrocious compared to the original (of course I’m biased). The only updated show they made a bigger disgrace of recently was The Care Bears (have you seen the awful 3D animation on some of those things?).

I remember having the old records with the music, and just loving all of the characters of this one. I had the sheet set, a nightgown (I want to say a night cap too), and of course the dolls. I even made my mom make me a Strawberry Shortcake pillow for the bed. I was obsessed (but I’ll take being obsessed with an 80s cartoon over a modern one any day).

1. She-Ra: Princess of Power

Credit: Drpryr (via Wikipedia)*
Credit: Drpryr (via Wikipedia)*
Credit: Ray C (via Flickr)*
Credit: Ray C (via Flickr)*

Okay. If He-Man was the “master of the universe,” then his sister She-Ra was the master (or mistress) of marketing. I don’t even know how we managed to store all of the She-Ra toys they released, but we bought them, played with them until they were falling apart, and bought some more!

Sure, She-Ra was a bit on the corny side — okay,Β  very. But we loved it. We had our fill of cute, soft, and fluffy and She-Ra gave us a more empowered female superhero-style character to idolize. And for that, she gets my top pick of the 80s cartoons for girls.

I know my top picks may not be yours, so here are some other great 80s cartoons for girls. Let us know why (or if) you loved them!

  • Jem! and the Holograms (I have friends who would hate me for not including Jem in the top five, but it just didn’t do much for me as much as I know others loved it.)
  • Rose Petal Place (This is one of my favorites, but I didn’t feel it was appreciated widely enough to make the list – it involved a film or two to promote the toys instead of a regular series.)
  • Star Fairies (I remember loving the dolls for this one.)
  • Poochie Cartoon Special (This is one of the more interesting ones. Watch it if you haven’t — cute pink pooch goes to Egypt.)
  • Charmkins (A cartoon movie special to promote Charmkins toys which, looking back, were really quite the choking hazard — but it’s still a great cartoon!)

The Best 80s Cartoons for Boys

While I may not have grown up as a boy in the 80s, I did grow up with two brothers and two male cousins around the same age, so I’ve seen more 80s cartoons for boys (and their toys!) than I care to remember. Just like with the 80s cartoons for girls, I know readers are going to have their own favorites so if you don’t see them here feel free to share them in the comments!

5. G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

Screenshot from the Intro Sequence of GI Joe: A Real American Hero
Screenshot from the Intro Sequence of GI Joe: A Real American Hero
Credit: CG76 (via Flickr)
Credit: CG76 (via Flickr)

I won’t pretend to remember this cartoon well, but I remember the boys being obsessed with it, and constantly playing with their little G.I. Joe dolls (I mean “action figures”). It’s the new found interest and the upcoming G.I. Joe film that edged this boys’ 80s cartoon onto our top five list.

4. Thundercats

Screenshot of Thundercats Cartoon Intro / Logo
Screenshot of Thundercats Cartoon Intro / Logo
Credit B. Baltimore Brown (via Flickr)
Credit B. Baltimore Brown (via Flickr)

I do remember watching this show with the boys growing up. For the most part I found the characters a bit disturbing (maybe it was just a girl thing), but I did love annoying little Snarf. This was one of those cartoons that really came to represent the animated style of the 80s to me (not to mention that I love most cartoons put together by Rankin-Bass). With that in mind, I’ll probably avoid the pending resurgence — said to be a CGI movie due out in 2010.

3.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Credit: Matt Chan (via Flickr)
Credit: Matt Chan (via Flickr)

I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but okay, I really did like this show! This was one my brothers and I could agree on, although I can’t tell you why. Being a late 80s cartoon, the animation style was a bit different than some of the older ones. Maybe that’s what captivated me. Or maybe the idea of martial arts-loving reptiles was just cute to me… at the time. While I haven’t seen the most recent TMNT film, this is yet another 80s cartoon for boys that made it to the limelight a second time (or do we want to consider that a third, given the older films?). What can I say? This is one of those 80s cartoons I have a warm spot for.

As for the intro video above, I apologize for the fact that it’s shaky and literally someone filming their television screen. But it was the only true original version I could find for you (others were all European edits making them the “Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles” because they censored out “Ninja”).

2. He-Man: Masters of the Universe Screenshot of He-Man Intro Screenshot of He-Man Intro
Credit: Steve Berry (via Flickr)
Credit: Steve Berry (via Flickr)

He-Man may not rank as highly on this list as his sister did as my top 80s cartoon for girls, but number two isn’t too shabby! This was another boys’ cartoon that I didn’t mind watching. Okay, so the whole “by the power of Grayskull” bit is kind of cheesy, but then again in the 80s, what wasn’t? I have to admit though — I was always secretly rooting for Skeletor.

1. Tranformers

Screenshot of Transformers Intro / Logo
Screenshot of Transformers Intro / Logo
Updated Optimus Prime - Credit: Steve Kay (via Flickr)
Updated Optimus Prime - Credit: Steve Kay (via Flickr)

Let’s say I’m ranking Transformers number one for the sake of the peanut gallery. I can’t really grasp the fascination with robots turning into cars and such myself, but the show seemed to captivate the imagination of little boys everywhere (and sell a lot of toys to boot!). I remember sitting in a movie theater watching previews pretty long before the first recent Transformers film came out. It was a superhero movie, so as you can imagine the theater was filled with young testosterone. Then a preview came on. A vague one — it must have been the first. I had no idea what the preview was supposed to be for. The men in the theater did. You could feel the excitement. It was funny and disturbing at the same time. But needless to say, they wanted their Transformers fix then, and I’m happy to give it to them here too.

Not satisfed with the top 80s cartoons for boys listed here? See if any of these strike your fancy.

  • Dangermouse
  • Battle of the Planets
  • Voltron
  • The Super Mario Bros. Super Show
  • Bananaman

Not all of the 80s cartoons we got to know and love really fit under the boys’ or girls’ labels. There were plenty of shows loved (and not so loved) by both sexes alike. So I’m going to leave you with a list of additional 80s cartoons to look back on. Reminisce away!

  • Care Bears
  • The Smurfs
  • Ducktales
  • The Mysterious Cities of Gold
  • The Get Along Gang
  • Pac Man
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • The Jetsons (revived in the 80s)
  • The Family Circus holiday specials
  • The Wuzzles
  • The Glo Friends
  • Disney’s Adventures of the Gummie Bears
  • Popples
  • Healthcliff
  • Dennis the Menace
  • Inspector Gadget
  • The Legend of Zelda

Tell us about your favorite 80s cartoons (or even let us know your own top ten picks) by leaving a comment below!

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238 thoughts on “The Best 80s Cartoons for Girls and Boys

  1. I wasn’t born till 85 so i was young for some of these and others never saw. my faves were
    8.teddy ruxpin little ponies
    6.jestsons bears much as am emabarsed to admit being a girl mario brothers i dont recall it any more but know that was 1 show my cousin and i could agree on
    1.strawberry short cake

  2. I forgot all about Teddy Ruxpin having a show. I remember someone in my family having one of those bears though (I seem to remember them being a bit obnoxious, but I can’t remember why – maybe it talked?).

    If anyone’s interested has a few available to be watched online (legally) for free. I believe you have to be in the U.S. to access the site though. They have He-man, She-ra, and The Mysterious Cities of Gold right now.

    If you subscribe to Netflix and have the “watch instantly” feature, the Care Bears 2 movie (from ’86) is up there. I put it on today just because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Man, I miss the 80s animation! πŸ™‚ They may have more. That’s all I noticed so far though.

    1. Hey Do you remember the vartoon movie where there is this orphan girl with her white kitten that accidently swallows a gem of a princess, So that all her soldiers keeps chasing the gal so she can kill the cat and retrieve the gem or maybe its a ring dont remember.. And how a mysterious masked prince who keeps saving the girl though she hates the prince who is a redhead.. Do you remember the name of the cartoon… I just wasnt able to complete it and it always made me sad.

    1. Holly crap!!!! you just ended a (better part of a) 20 year search for this cartoon. Honestly I was starting to think I made it up in my head. NOOOO one knew what the heck I was talking about. I had broke both my legs at the time this cartoon had came out (dumb kid stuff) and this was one of my favorite shows. However for the life of me I just couldn’t remember if it was ‘space sheriffs’ or ‘space rangers’? I did remember the horses which keep me on the western side of the show. Other then that, dead ends. thanks you, really made my day.

  3. It’s a shame you haven’t mentioned “The Real Ghostbusters”, “The Raccoons”, “Trap Door” or “Visionaries – Knights of the Magical Light” anywhere.. otherwise GOOD CALLS!!!

  4. Samurai Pizza Cats, though it’s technically 90s since it was first aired 1990 in Japan – and 1991 for the US. Others I remember from the 80’s are:
    -Captain N the Game Master
    -Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
    -Duck Tales
    -Dungeons and Dragons
    -The Ewoks
    -The Flying House (I never watched it, but I always flipped across it every Sunday)
    -Inspector Gadget
    -Snorks (and Smurfs)
    -Super Mario Brothers (The standalone cartoon, not the one shown on the Super Show)
    -The World of David the Gnome

  5. Can’t believe no one said M.A.S.K. or the Centurions. Don’t forget Denver the Last Dinosaur, Dungeons & Dragons, Go Bots, Shirt Tales, The Snork, man I could on…

  6. Not sure if this was 70’s or 80’s…but what about “Jamie and the Magic Torch”…a bit psychadelic like the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” film.

  7. Well some left out that were good. Some might not had been 80’s cartoons but early 90’s.
    Bionic Six
    Justice league
    Silver Hawks
    Thundarr The Barbarian
    Inspector Gadget
    Ghostbusters (there were 2 one before the movie and one after the movie)
    Brave Star
    Mighty Orbots
    Capitan Caveman
    The Littles
    Capitan N The Game Master (this was based on Nintendo video games that were popular at the time)
    The GoBots (a rip off of Transformers)
    Above link is of cartoons of the 80’s not sure how complete it is but looks it to me.

  8. This is good list, reminds me of years or decades gone by. I would have to say I agree with the list, the boys list at least. But you have missed out one of my favourites M.A.S.K. I think it’s only a matter of time before a M.A.S.K. movie is made. WOO HOO.

  9. It was actually Ulysses 31. You should probably have that little robot voice burned into your mind “It’s me Nono, small robot you know, friend of U-ly-sses”

    Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies was another that got watched in my house growing up. I only had sisters so it tended to be shows that were either middle of the road or aimed at girls.

    All the more reason I stayed in my room with lego most of the time, there is only so many times you can watch a little pony think the world is ending because she got mud on her.

    I do recall having some toys from Brave Star, which was an oddly mixed future western cartoon.

  10. you whom said early’s 90’s show this is for the 80’s stuff not early 90’s. and yes to you whom asked there was a teddy ruxpin toy and it talked.

  11. I was a girl in the 80’s, but HATED most of the “girlie” cartoons. I was a tomboy and loved it! I loved the shows like “Battle of the Planets” and “Superfriends” (mostly because it had Batman in it!), and “Batman” and “Spiderman”, though I think the last two were reruns from the 70’s.
    Other cartoons I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet are “Jem” and “Josie and the Pussycats”. I know “Jem” was in the 80’s, though “Josie” was quite possibly from the 70’s.

  12. Thanks all – some good suggestions here.

    Keep on adding them (but make sure they’re actually 80s cartoons and not 70s or early 90s, which don’t really apply here).

    One I’m surprised no one mentioned is actually The Simpsons (which I believe started in ’89, and might be the only 80s cartoon still in production — if you know of others that are, share them here).

  13. my favourite is definately rainbow brite i was born in ’94
    but i had a video of it and can still hear her voice clearly
    in my head
    good memories =]

  14. Haha – You’ve got a much better memory than me Molly. I was just watching Rainbow Brite not long ago, and I still can’t remember her voice. πŸ™‚ And I’m surprised you’re familiar with the show. I have a younger sister who was born in ’90, and even she came too late to get into it and appreciate it. I’m glad to see others didn’t miss out on it. It was definitely one of my favorites as a kid. πŸ™‚

    1. I was born in `92,, loved rainbow brite so much that everybody was wishing the tape would just break already!! watched it a while ago… trying to get my hands on a copy now =)

  15. Ok, this might sound a little weird, but i remember this cartoon movie when i was a kid (not sure exactly the decade- but probably 80s). I can NOT think of the title for the life of me, and i’ve tried to google, with no success). The plot is a little fuzzy – but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with cartoon robots on a mission or something – they traveled in like heart shaped rainbow wormholes or something – and also, there was something with chalkboard eraser clapping. I know this sounds rather out there, but if this sounds familiar to anyone, please reply!

    Thanks a bunch!

  16. It doesn’t sound familiar to me, and I just did a search which turned up nothing (except someone looking for the same thing, but no accurate responses yet). πŸ™ I have a friend I could ask when I talk to him next, so if he knows I’ll come back and post it. Hopefully it won’t be one of those “lost” relics of the time that no one can come up with.

  17. I rember this cartoon movie that was only on around christmas time i think in 88 and 89 but I’m not 100% sure and I’m not sure on my attempt at spelling please let me know if you recall it or not and if you know correct spelling and such. It was called moosletoe(not sure 100% on spelling) but was him haven adventures around christmas time and I belive he had a girl friend moose called misletoe(again not sure on spelling)at 1 time I dont remember it all but that’s what I remember. I know I had a stuff animal of each of them in the 80’s. Hope some one can asure me I’m not crazy.

  18. hi guys if any one can help me out with this, it would be awesome
    there’s a cartoon late 80’s, involving cute little animal characters possibly in space, wearing headbands with a jewel in the centre?
    Cant for the life of me think what it was, and its driving my friend and i crazy!!! HELP!
    Styled similarly to my little pony and care bears…but with darker tones?
    We NEED to figure this out….or it turns out im insane :/
    Siu x

  19. hi siu . i think i knom the cartoon you are looking for SPACE KIDETTES ??? hope i helped thay are on youtube on youtube look on ”fondmemories” and the other one is mybe PAW PAW BEARS but there not in space.

    1. Maybe ur talking about Moon Dreamers?
      i loved that! My siblings think it’s very strange that i liked 80’s shows more than 90’s (born in 92) hhhh

      1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For years I’ve been trying to remember the name for the Moon Dreamers, no-one I’ve asked has been able to help me. BIG thank you

        1. Oh wow. There’s another one I used to watch but forgot about. I wasn’t as into that one as many of the others, but it’s definitely a nostalgic choice. Thanks for bringing it up. πŸ™‚

  20. I can’t remember the name of this cartoon or if I’m even remembering it correctly, but there was this show set in outerspace with an animal crew. The captain was a fox I think and his first mate was a female cat that had telekinetic powers or something. She always wore this helmet with a jewel in the center or something. It’s been over twenty years since I’ve seen this so it’s vague but if anyone knows what I’m talking about, the name would be most appreciated. πŸ™‚

  21. Does anyone remember what shows they watched in the morning right before they went to grade school? I was just reflecting on them and wanted to know what ones you guys watched. I remember watching C.O.P.S and woody woodpecker show I also remember Dennis the Menise was on in the morning but I think it came one when I had to be at school on time.

    PS. I still remember rushing home from school just to make it in time to watch TMNT. I think it came on at 3:30pm

  22. Pixieberg I thing the show you’re on about is Bucky O’Hare.

    My favourites was Dogtanian & the 3 muskahounds. Quality not to be missed tv when growing up. Other quality cartoons I loved were :-

    Catch the Pigeon
    The perils of Penelope Pitstop
    Wacky Races
    Space Sentinals (Might be late 70’s)

    Wonderful memories

  23. Ok, so far all good but does anyone remember the MUNCHI-CHI’s or how about PUNKY BREWSTER (cartoon and axn…and caps just for the benefit of those who quick skim), or CAMP CANDY, BEETLEJUICE, COUNT DUCKULA, PIRATES of DARK WATERS (that one i was lilttle too old for but remember it, it was either late 80’s or early 90’s). Lets see…STARBRITE (I had a sister)….C’mon ya’ll, any other obscure 809’s toons? I’d like to see if anyone can jog a toon i watched but forgot about

    1. Hey, Mike, I know this is a long shot, and that you probably won’t ever see this reply. But I’m trying to track down a show that I only vaguely remember from childhood. I’m thinking it might have been called Starbrite, and you are the only person I’ve found on the internet to mention it! If you see this and remember the show well enough, could you tell me what it was about? Thank you!

  24. Wow. There are a lot here I’ve never even heard of. A few ring bells though. I do remember Beetlejuice and I very vaguely remember Camp Candy. Starbrite sounds strangely familiar, but for the life of me I can’t picture was it was!

  25. I’m trying to remember a show from I’d say the mid 80s. It was a cartoon set in outerspace the crew were both human and dinosaurs or maybe even animals I can’t remebee much except for one of the female leads was some type of bird. If anyone know what I’m talking about or has any ideas please email me

  26. ok well for me the best 80’s cartoons had to be
    1. M.A.S.K. no too many ppl know about this show or remember it but by far a great one and the toys were a blast to play with
    2. silverhawks was great too and again the toys were great
    3. Transformers (nothing more needs to be said)
    4. Chuck Norris cartoon was awsome another one ppl dont remember
    5. Thundercats great toys too
    those are my top five in any order they are just my fav from the 80’s

    and as far as the toys go man the toys back then had small parts you would loose and or choke on and had little pieces that would move and all kinda great little things now these toys just look like crap and they break easy and dont have as many moving parts

  27. I remember a cartoon about girls who lived in space. One of them rode a white bear. I even had the toys of these. I cannot remember what it’s called. Ring any bells?

  28. I have been searching for the name of a cartoon. It involved little girls who lived in space, I think. One rode a white bear and another rode a lion with wings. I know I’m not making it up because I still have the toys at my parents house. The doll version came with a plastic diamond necklace for kids to wear. Anyone remember this?

  29. here is a few i remember voltron defender of the universe,hong kong phooey, the smurfs,inspector gadget,snoopy,betty boo,duck tales,chip & dale rescue rangers,bananaman,alvin & chipmunks, around the world with willy fog,astro boy,battle of the planets,captain planet & the planeteers,dogtanian & the 3 muskerhounds,dungens & dragons,ewoks,garfield,the get along gang,the real ghost busters,james the cat,jimbo & the jets,penny crayon,the raggy dolls,the raccoons,the shoe people,trap door,ulysses, and i think ox tails was late 80’s and there was another one but i can’t remember it was a boy with a magic torch and he lighted it up under his bed can any body remember the name of this. well thats all i can think off besides the ones that people have already said.

  30. Laura, I think it might be MoonDreamers you’re thinking of?


    I’m a 90s kid through and through but I had older sisters and their videos, 80s cartoons ftw! πŸ™‚

  31. Sarah and Laura – thank you so much! I have been desperately trying to remember the title of that show for months and was just about to give up on Google until it sent me here. Moon Dreamers was one of my favourite shows when I was younger. That and TMNT ^_^ xx

  32. Nice list Jennifer, I remember a lot of these and a lot of the ones people have been mentioning really bring back memories of my childhood.

    I’m trying to remember one that whenever I mention it to other people my age I get the blankest looks. I only vaguely remember it myself, but it had something to do with Earth in the future and the villain rode around in this machine that produced a fog or cloud that would decay everything that passed through it. I guess he had been riding around for a while around the earth or something, because a lot of society was falling apart. A person couldn’t even approach his vehicle because I think without protection it would dissolve you. I just mainly remember someone (the hero?) walking around and going into a library, picking up a book, it disintegrating and him lamenting all the loss of human knowledge.

    Sound familiar to anyone? I have no idea when it broadcast or if this was just one episode of another show? Please help, I’ve been trying to figure this our for a long time because the story and characters seemed so interesting.

    1. Unfortunately the show or episode you’re describing doesn’t sound familiar to me at all and a quick search didn’t turn up anything that sounded like a fit. πŸ™ Hopefully one of our readers was also a fan of the show and will be able to share some more information.

  33. I grew up in the 90’s,, but watched a lot of 80’s stuff as well,, so i can’t really put decade stamps on anything,,
    Rainbow Brite, Moon dreamers, My little pony, thunder cats,Care bears, Gummy bears, tom and jerry, tom and jerry kids, dark wing duck, captain planet,bananas in pajamas,something about 3 girls riding horses? each one symbolized something; one was a star, another a heart, and the last was a crescent moon.. any ideas? Me and my sister are both stumped, pls help. also Paddington bear, She-ra warrior princess, kissy-fur, tiny toons, animaniacs, Chip and Dale rescue rangers, beetle juice, Wildfire(im shocked nobody mentioned it!), The pirates of dark water, Johny quest, TMNT, super ted, felix the cat, Hong kong foey

    1. HEY! oh my gosh me and my sister are completely stumped by the 3 girls riding horses show too! if you find out what its called PLEASE let me know!!!! we are literally sitting here trying to remember the name! it was very random that we came across your post! but also surprisingly funny! THANKS!


    2. im dying to know what the one with the 3 girls and the horses is called, its been driving me crazy! please let me know if you figure it out!

      1. I looked it up, that’s it!! except it was princess starla and the jewel riders.. i dont know what the difference is, but thats it!!! finally, thanks for your help ^.^
        for some reason notifications for the replies werent sent to me… but its cool that someone actually found it m/

  34. i dont know what year it was made…but i loved Dark Crystal..even though it was mainly puppets and not so much a cartoon..but it is one of my fav movies..

  35. super ted. battle of the planets. captain billy.mighty mouse. batfink. wuzzles. another with 3 super heroes in, iceman,fire and an orange rock type figure? not sure title?

  36. I rememb a cartoon set in space with aliens, and not sure if there was a pizza shop or cafe? I think i remember tge lead having a green face but looked human? I watchedthis all the time but cannot remember the name?!
    Thanks a lot x πŸ™‚

    1. Hi

      I remember this too- I think it had a similar feel to “Aahh real monsters” and “Galaxy High” but I don’t think it was either of these- the pizza restaurant really sticks out in my mind and it’s driving me mad that I can’t find any information on it anywhere!

  37. oh my heck moon dreamers. I still have my glow in the dark toys. loved it.

    does anyone remember a show set on a boat in space? the crew was people, rather than animals, and all I remember is that the chef was crazy. someone help me. whenever I talk about this people look at me like I’m nuts.

  38. There was a nice cartoon about a small girl who can change her self into a bog girl, after helping people she become small girl again. it’s a very prity cartoon. i can’t remember the name.

    1. did she buy ne chance wear a red dress, n at the credits she danced around a love spoon that was the same size as her, i have been looking for this 4 ages

  39. I am trying to remember the name of a cartoon that had a cat that painted. The background was always white, the cat always wore overalls and I remember he usually carried a bucket of paint and brush. The colours he used were bright. The cat would paint for his friends…he would sometimes just pull a ladder out from nowhere. Oh and at the end of the theme song you would here ‘meeeeoooowwwww! Meeeeeeoooooowwwww!’ Please help me, I’m going insane!

    1. oh!!!!!!!!
      ‘LAURA’ I totally remember that cartoon with the cat, ive been searching for ages to try and find out what its called. I remember that whatever the cat painted could become real and the music was really gentle like glockenspiel type – i absolutely loved it as a wee un, it really made a creative impact!
      please please someone help us, i would love my kids to watch this!

  40. I’m a guy but, in many ways, I was like a girl growing up, I had a girls name and I loved Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake, I still have my Rainbow Brite. I did also love He-Man, She-Ra, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem, Superfriends, and the Spider-Woman cartoon as well as Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, I loved Firestar most of all. Also Dungeons and Dragons. Really, as a kid, I loved most things, even Gilligan’s Planet. My first cartoon memory though is Star Blazers. Don’t forget Galaxy High! So many greats and while I am a child of the 80s, we experienced cartoon from the 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s and 30s in our childhood too. I grew up with Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, Disney, Woody Woodpecker, Heckle & Jeckle, Popeye, Hucklebery Hound, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog,Betty Boop, Popeye, and Koko the Clown (on PBS). Also the Educational programs, Electric Company, Sesame Street, Square One and my favorite Math Patrol which had live action and animated segments. Math Patrol featured this guy named Sidney who was a spy who’s spy costume was a Kangaroo suit in a blue trench coat.

    1. i loved Peter Rabbit!! my family doesnt remember there being a series about it, so i though i must be going crazy, im glad somebody remembers it :3

  41. does anyone remember a cartoon dont really rememeber the year. It had and little girl in it and her friend was an pink alien from space. Any one have any ideas caz its driving me crazy.

    1. I think this is the one that i have been looking for as well. does the little creature have magic powers like able to clean her room with the snap of a finger?

      1. I am looking for that one too! I think the alien had an elephant nose?? I have been looking all over the internet and cant find anything!!

        1. Sorry. I haven’t had any luck finding anything like that. πŸ™ Hopefully another reader will remember it and be able to share the name.

  42. The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was a great series (and only 2-3 episodes that should have been skipped) that spans two volume set on DVD. Robotech should have been on the list, which was another great show!

  43. i cannot beleive no one has mentioned the mysterious cities of gold, with the flying condor!!! awesome show. plus im trying to remember one about three flying robots, one big white one, a middle blue one and a small red one…? manga style i think…

    1. I remember this but I had the middle one being yellow with a little red bow on top to show she was a girl. Bugged me for ages cos I can’t remember it. I don’t think they were the main characters of the cartoon though. Anyone any further suggestions

  44. What about the girl who was really a robot. I think he name was Teddy. Also what about a teenaggirl who talked to to her dad through a cystal thing o her nightstand.

    1. I’m sure the one with the teenage girl who talked to her dad was called “Out of this World”..She could freeze time or do some sort of magic by touching the tips of her index fingers together. Theme tune went “Would you like to swing on a star, carry moon beams home in a jar”

  45. I’m trying to remember a girl superhero and she could “bend me, shape me, anyway you want to” and those lyrics were in the theme song.

  46. does anyone know the cartoon which has 3 girls and one of them are princess and each of them hold Moon, Sun,and Heart crystal to transform to a super power to fight the witch.

    1. do they have horses”? if so i think im looking for the same cartoon:( ive been looking for it since foreverrrrr!!! but havent found it yet…

      1. lol- this is a reply to my post as well.. thank you very much! ive been looking for it for years
        except it has a different name.. STARLA and the Jewel riders..?

  47. Hello, All…
    Very awesome to read all of these posts, but I am still lost. Please help before my sister’s birthday in September. This is what we remember well enough to state: A brother and sister and their dog are in a little cabin in valley surrounded by mountains. It is night. There is a sort of explosion… They go outside; they are all (possibly), or maybe just the big hairy grey dog (OMG, it’s so blurry), are taken to outerspace…… and the adventure starts there. There are creatures with hose-like snouts, IDK, I really don’t know. Does this seem at all real to ANYONE to but us? It is not Snorks, it’s definitely in space. Thanks

    1. Wow. I just found it. Nevermind, and THAMK YOU. It is “The Racoons”. Holy S___! And Thank goodness that mystery is solved. Take Care

    1. Two of those were indeed mentioned in the article. Check again. πŸ˜‰

      And another commenter already added Teddy Ruxpin to the list. A good one, and cute, but not sure if it’s necessarily one of the best compared to many of these other ones. But that’s the beauty of these things. They’re subjective and we can each love our own things. πŸ™‚

    1. It almost sounds like Poochi. But I think that was just the dog and robot — the dog wrote an advice column or something. It might have been a special if not an ongoing series. Not sure if that’s what you’re thinking of, but I loved that as a kid.

  48. Does anyone remember a cartoon about a girl with a star on her face, she would turn into a rockstar or something like that? I can’t remember the name, anybodyyy???

    1. JEM? she didn’t actually have a star on her face, just her eye make-up to look like it was. we dressed up as Jem and the holograms one year for Halloween.

  49. Anyone remeber a cartoon with an old man with a coat, a walking stick, a hat and a beared and never talking so you really could understand – and he had some kind of powers – like flying, and as far as I remember, his stick had some abilities to?

    Think he had a wife also – dont remember if he was some kind of spy nor old guy with powers – but cant find it on any lists or sites – dont remember if i saw it on Sky Channel or Super Channel back in the 80’s.

    But would really love if any1 remembers the name.

    Think his coat was green. Time of action in the cartoons was about the 80’s.
    He walked a little like Chaplin.

    1. I remember this cartoon. The old man didn’t have a beard but a big droopy white moustache and used to call his wife ‘sweet keeper of the cheque book’. It’s been driving me mad for ages trying to remember what it was called.

  50. Does anyone remember a cartoon about a pink robot? She was a very feminine looking robot. I don’t know if there were many episodes. That used to be one of my favorite cartoons and I can’t remember the name of it. I think it was on after 3:30 during the week not on Saturdays. I think there were a few other robots too but I just remember the pink one.

    1. Does she have red hair? Was she in love with a human male with blonde hair? Did she and other robots transform together? I’ve been trying to remember what this is for ages! At this point it could have been a dream mashup of dungeons and dragons, voltron and the mighty orbots.
      The group is on a renaissance type planet (visiting definitely don’t live there) at a fair. They were dressed like the natives. The pink robot with red hair goes to the fortuneteller tent. She wants to be human. The fortuneteller grants her dream and tells her she can turn back into a robot whenever she wants to with an amulet. The fortuneteller is really the bad person and when she tries to turn back she can’t (she needs to to transform – she’s central to the combining robots). She might have been the only robot. The others may have been humans in robots (voltronesque)

  51. OMG OKAY SO for like a year ive been trying to remember this cartoon i watched over and over again when i was young! My memory of it is vauge but I remember it being of maybe a brother and a sister and a talking dog (i think it was talking) and they went on adventures one was in an areoplane and they had a suitcase. thats all i remember! THANK YOU!

    1. True! Except the japanese episodes – got the Takara pack – and was really disappointed – its was to primitive and easy stories compared to the US versions of em.

  52. I have been trying to think of the name of the name of a cartoon which I think was Japanese anime, I watched it in the 80s. The main characters used to go around and find rainbow gems a different gem in every episode. They were very smart characters maybe they wore school uniforms?.. Defenitaly Not rainbow brite. Please help, I have been racking my brain and searching but I still can find it. Thanks!

    1. UUUGH! This sounds kind of like what I’m looking for here too! I think they were named after gems, too. If you find out what it is, post it in here please!

  53. Why divide the shows as boys/girls shows? A bit unneccesary I think.

    I was a girlie girl as a child but loved transformers and turtles he-man and biker mice from mars! Aslo loved the super mario bros show (the cartoon-scenes/bits not the old men)

  54. Oh and i for got my list
    1.Galaxy high school
    2.The Shmoo
    3.speed buggy
    4.Laff A Lympics
    5.The Jabberjaw
    Some of these may be a little bit earlier then 80. But, they are what I watch in Alameda,CA.

  55. I am not shocked this one did not make the list I know a lot of people who remember the show foggily but cant remember the name for any thing, but I loved it! It was Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea. It used to come on right after the cities of gold.

  56. Hey, so there’s this cartoon I’ve been trying to remember. It might not even be a cartoon, but we had this book and there were I think 5 girls in space, maybe defending a planet/solar system and they were all named after jewels and they had really sweet outfits involving the colours of the gems they’re named after. I know there was one named Sapphire. (Definitely not thinking of Sailor Moon here, either). I know this is really vague, but if anyone can help me out it’d be greatly appreciated!!

  57. I can’t believe no one mentioned Beverly Hills Teens. I remember me and my friend would wake up early just to hear the theme song. I wish they would release this series on DVD.

  58. Hy,
    I hope someone could help me ! I’m looking for a cartonn from the 80’s, which was about a city of shoes, that was called “Shoeville” in France, which could be calle in english “Shoetown” or “Shoecity”, but I do not find anything about it… ?!
    I hope someone knows something about it !


  59. I’m looking for a cartoon video, don’t think it was on TV, where a little girl danced and made magical things happen like rainbows. She was captured by some evil guy or wolf who wanted her to dance and was put in a cage, there may have been an hourglass with flower petals, she ends up dancing her way free somehow on the rainbows, I know this may be quite obscure, it was in the style of Rainbow Brite but I don’t think it was a series, any leads on where to look will help, thanks

    1. Hi Aura. You’re thinking of Charmkins. πŸ™‚ It was only one short cartoon movie rather than a series. It was on TV and VHS I believe. They created it to support tiny little charm toys that kids (mostly girls) would collect. It was one of my favorites, and I found it on YouTube at one point, so it’s online somewhere if you wanted to see it again. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a physical copy yet though, but if you’re interested, Ebay might have an old VHS version.

  60. I’m looking for an 80’s animated cartoon video, don’t think it was on TV, where a little dancing girl makes magic rainbows when she dances, she is captured by a man or wolf who wants her to dance for him and is put in a cage, there may involve an hourglass with flower petals counting down, anyway she ends up dancing herself free somehow on the rainbows, it’s in the style of Rainbow Brite but I don’t think it was a series, I know it’s obscure but any advice on where to look will be helpful, thanks!

  61. hurcules. i dont really remember the episodes, just the theme. beatlejuice was my all time fave. i hated watching babar in the morning, cuz they were getting ready for a bedtime story and i was getting ready for school. it wasnt fair!!! lol
    ive been looking for a cartoon movie since super channel was super channel, with the big star logo…i guess over 14 years now.
    it was a musical cartoon and weird. hard to explain… there was a guy driving somewhere and then he ends up at this weird place/building, then a woman sings, sounds kinda country-ish. and weird things start happening. i wish i knew more. it pops in my head every year and drives me crazy. its not a long cartoon, i dont think it is anyway.

  62. When I was a kid I used to watch an anime series about a girl who lived alone in a house on the moon. She was the only living thing on the moon as far as I can remember and sometimes she took trips down to earth, but she was always alone at the end of each episode.
    I have no idea what it was about or what the name of the show was since I was too young to understand english at the time (I’m Swedish), I just remember that I liked it and would so much like to see it again!!!!!

  63. I know this is extremely vague, but I used to watch thie show or movie all the time when I was younger. The only part I remember is a blonde girl floating on something through a tunnel and robot models lined up down the sides of the tunnel. There also was part where there were strawberries inside bubbles, and the girl would pop them to eat the strawberries. I have been trying to find the name of it forever, and I know its vague, but any help would be great!!

  64. can anyone answer this? i can’t remember this show it has a blue monkey thing and a red elephant thing and there brotheres the monkey is mean. and the elephant sneezes alot. they live in a tall tree house thing itb is a mess it always catches on fire and they go to a store and 2 tall birds live there and it’s crazy.One time they try to change the moon pink and one time they go on vacation to a swamp and get itchy cause theese hippos are like muddy and have magical poison on themm or something i don’t really remember . if you know the title this will help me so much or any detail.I think they used to play it in the mornings on family channel and right before or after the adventures of winnie the poo.I have been trying to find the name for so long but i just can’t!But thanks πŸ™‚

  65. please help im desperate. I have been trying to remember for the longest about a cartoon?? or maybe a movie kinda cartoon. i have vague memories about this. i can only remember something about traveling into another land through a magic mirror! i think the story begins with a girl saying something to the mirror and its not yet cartoonated..after she follows into the other world through the mirror she becomes cartoon i believe or meets with cartoon type friend?? need your help please!

    1. You’re mentioning liveaction and cartoons. That makes me wonder if you’re thinking about Huggabunch. It was all liveaction, but when the girl goes through the mirror she meets these puppet-style friends. It’s about her trying to get some magic fruit from an evil queen that will save her grandmother, and the puppet characters help her (they love to be hugged).

      1. You don’t know how thankful I am for helping me J.M! Thanks a bunch! Yes, it is totally Hugga Bunch!!!My 15year search is finally over! Im defenitly going to see an episode of it! Just hope youtube has it.

        1. You’re quite welcome. It was one of my favorites when I was a kid. πŸ™‚

          I don’t think there are multiple episodes though. I’m pretty sure it was just a TV movie. There were a lot of those back then, made to promote specific products (in this case the Hugga Bunch dolls).

  66. oh i forgot to mention 2 other cartoons that haven’t been mentioned and which i loved watching. My Pet Monster and Richie Rich!

  67. hi! pls help there was a cartoon with a superhero (i think)
    he was something like a fly,dragon fly.. the suit was green or grey or both not sure..with a mask
    i think that in the opnening there was a man watching tv (and the tv was showing a man watching tv πŸ˜› )
    anyway he was look like spiderman..

  68. hi! there was a superhero with a grey/green (i think) costume..he looked like spiderman.. he was something like a fly,dragonfly not sure.. also in the openining video there was a man watching on tv another man watching tv… any ideas?? plz!!

  69. Cartoon movie all I remember is a girl gets taken by a giant robot when the hero saves her by defeatinf the robot they discover a small man inside controlling it. He loved the girl he took. Thats all I remember I think they lived in a forest too.

  70. Lets see.. Don’t forget george of the jungle.. And the cartoon about the baby with alien friend who would say “rock it and roll”… And the teen who would turn into a red sports car.

    1. Hi Nick. Hey I also remeber that cartoon you just mentioned about a baby with an alien friend who would say rock it and roll..what is it called? do you remember?

      1. fantastic max had a “doll” that was actually an alien and when you pulled his string he said rocket and roll and hid blocks would turn into a rocket or his blanky would be a parachute etc also had a robot made our of blocks called a.b.

    2. hey i found it..It’s called Fantastic Max! Wooohoooo! just saw an episode of it and brought back many nice memories about this!

  71. Hi Nick and Adriana.

    “Rock it and roll?” Do you mean Widget? A purple/pink little alien with elfin ears?
    I used to watch “Widget” and “Denver the dinosaur” as a kid, although I can’t remember if they belong to the 80’s or the 90’s.

    1. Hi Linda, well i don”t remember “Widget” and just saw a bit of an episode on youtube and didn’t ring any bells! But im pretty sure it is Fantastic Max what Nick mentioned. But let me tell you this; I was and still am a huge fan of “Denver the Last Dinosaur” and i still remember the song! Guess we have that in commun huh?

  72. Wow. Very cool to see so many old school cartoons mentioned here. Thanks for adding more folks. πŸ™‚ Some of these I’d completely forgotten about, and there are others you’ve listed that I hadn’t even heard of.

  73. please help. i’ve been thinking about this girl cartoon in the 80s or 90s..reminds me of barbie but not barbie I don’t think. teens in a convertible, love fashion and palm trees. I don’t think it’s Beverly Hills Teens any others i might be thinking about?

    1. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about Jem. It’s the only one I can think of with Barbie-like characters, a convertible, and palm trees.

  74. I’m trying to think of maybe a cartoon movie. Very vague….someone travels into a crater in the moon. There are other creature and people type things down there. The one was kind of strange and you weren’t sure if they were good or bad. My mom always made me turn it off so I can’t give more details. Any clues would be awesome!

    1. I’m not sure about that one. The only one I can remember related to space was The Little Prince. But I don’t remember enough about it to know if that’s what you’re thinking of. That was a series though, so probably not.

      1. There’s another one I’ve never heard of. Was that aired in the U.S. at all as far as you know? It’s awesome to see people bringing up so many 80s cartoons that are completely new to me. I wish more of them were easily accessible today so we could check them out. I still think most 80s cartoons were far superior to most put out today. Of course I’m biased. πŸ™‚

  75. There is a cartoon that i can remember and it has a girl who has a blue or purple creature friend. Its magic and i believe in the opening credits it cleans her room really fast like with the snap of a finger. I always wanted to be able to do that. Anyone got any ideas on what it is?

      1. Hey girl! LOL, that WAS Punky Brewster. There was a cartoon version of it that I believe came out in the late ’80s. Her lil’ pal’s name was Glomer (I remember him being brown though).

      1. I have my pet monster, corky and crickett, the spider from rose petal place and tons of other stuff for sale in great shape!

  76. You are a life saver! I couldn’t remember the name of Rose Petal Place to save my life, it was driving me crazy! You’re the best!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I’m so happy to help. πŸ™‚ Rose Petal Place was an awesome cartoon. A part of me has always wished they’d bring it back, but at the same time I worry they’d ruin it if they tried. Unfortunately, I just don’t think it was popular enough at the time.

  77. I have been looking for the name of a cartoon I remember watching as a kid in the 80s it freaked me out because the kids went to bed then underneath their beds would begin to glow and they were transported to another land and didn’t know how to get home. I had nightmares for years about this and still think of it frequently. Does anyone else remember it?

    1. Not a whole show, but it sounds like an episode from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon (whole cartoon is about them trying to get home, but the main group got there on a ride instead of under their beds).

  78. OMG i just remebered about a Movie that also gave me nightmares and was scared to death while watching (when the movie supposed to be funny). It also had to do with a monster coming under the bed just like Jodi said; although like I said it was a movie…I believe Fred Savage stared in the film

  79. Hello was wondering if anyone happen to know of a movie, im pretty positive it was a movie cause I remember popping in the VHS hahaha any how it was about a little girl that was playing in her room with her brother it might have been raining and she had a stuffed bunny rabbit then all of a sudden it comes alive then they go to a make believe world but its not a cartoon and its her birthday and I remember the rabbit has a bday party for her its a sing and dance movie if anyone knows the name or remembers any more details that can explain it better so someone else could remember it would be awesome it could have been early 90s or late 80s I know they sing little peter rabbit and I believe she wears a pretty red dress and shoes and the party given by the rabbit hahaha

  80. ~ Bangers & Mash
    ~The city of gold
    ~Nellie the elephant

    *** PLEASE HELP***
    Im searching for a cartoon from the 80’s i think, it was a short show, about a Texas cowboy that travelled around on his horse, saving folks from the bad guy, ate beans mostly & said “much obliged ma’am” a fair bit. Any light shed will be extremely welcome, I’ve read every post & no ones mentioned it yet.

  81. hai.. i am looking for this cartoon/movie i’m not sure.. i vaguely remembers it also, watched it in the 90’s. All i can remember is that in the final battle, gold guy vs silver, ice with fights a thunder witch i think and earth will fights fire/lava. hmm.. anyone got any clue? I’ve been searching for it for such long time. i can’t remember the cartoon but i know it is not Captain Planet.. πŸ™

    1. That doesn’t sound familiar to me anbu. But if it’s from the 90s rather than the 80s, I’m probably not as familiar with it. I didn’t watch as many cartoons then. Hopefully another reader has seen it and can help you identify it. πŸ™‚

  82. help going crazy. I used to watch like a sing-along cartoon movie. It had a little girl with blonde pigtails. I think her name was emily. she had a cat. they would sing fara jacques, and something like how to say hi around the world. weird i know

  83. I’m trying to figure out if I dreamed this or not, but I remember I had a stuffed-animal toy that looked kind of like a centaur and his name was Rambunctious. I remember he was brown and came with a bow and arrow. Was this a cartoon?

    1. Totally just found it. It’s name was actually Rambumptious and he was a pet goat to Jadoo of the Wonder Whims. I was slighty off, especially about the bow and arrow. I remember I just liked the goat, haha. I can’t find anything on the cartoon so perhaps they were just toys. Thanks all the same, I’m enjoying remembering all these great 80’s moments!

  84. I was born in 83 and I remember all of these cartoons. While I failed to recall the names of some of them, I remembered by simply looking at the pictures. This era was my most memorable. My parents and older siblings still laugh at the stuff I used to do as a kid. They said that I had a Thundercats sword and that I used to raise it up in the air and say,”Thundercats..Thundercats!! Ohhhh!!!” lol. He-man was a favorite, as well. My #1 favorite was Voltron, though. It was so awesome watching those lions form into the cool looking Voltron. Ahh…beautiful memories!

  85. I remember a cartoon about a teen/ young woman who would touch flowers and magically change her outfits. Anyone else remember this one or did I dream it up? LOL

  86. Great post! The only one not mentioned that was childhood staple at our house was “Curious George”. Also, I know it was an animated film rather than a cartoon series, but still “The Last Unicorn” was like my ultimate favorite as a kid!! I have alot of these cartoon intros collected on a Pinterest board if anyone is interested:

  87. You also forget the “Comic Strip” with Tigersharks, that was awesome. And C.O.P.S. and an early 90’s one Gargoyles.

  88. Lamb chop, Bearinstien Bears..Reading Rainbow, You cant do that on Television. Adventures of Alex Mac, Are you afraid of the dark?. What would you do?,Hey Dude. Salute your shorts. Guts. Wish Bone. Bozo and cookie the clown. Land of the Lost. Dinosaurs( “not the Mamma”), Captain Planet and the Planetteers. Howard The Duck. Little Shoppe of Horrors, The Never ending Story 1 & 2. The Labyrinth. Short Circuit, Gremlins, Garbage pail Kids, Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood and the Land of Make Believe. Alf, Mork and Mindy,Perfect Strangers, Webster, Different Strokes, The Sunny Time Train Station Hosted and Narration By George Carlin. Magic Dragons. Tales From The Crypt…and U.S.A’s Up All Night with Rhonda and Gilbert Godfreid All Of Ernest Goes To… I Miss all of these today as a 31 year old adult..oh I almost forgot Keenan and Kel show..All That..Family matters

  89. Does anybody know the name of this old show cat series: it’s about a Victorian *or some sort* black cat who was cursed to being a painting on the wall for hundreds of years & becomes a real life at night in a museum *or somthin* with the help of a magical pink ring on his finger, & he was discovered by a female orange feline *she maybe be a detective or reporter, I don’t know really!* & later they formed a light romantic relationship through the middle of the action series,??!!!! please I| need to know the name of this 80s-90s series ASAP!!!! -_-;

  90. Anyone mention pound puppies, popples, fossil, cro, toxic crusaders, mc hammer and the magic keyboard, garfield and friends, silverhawks, thundercats, felix the cat, centurions, bobbys world, captain kangaroo, wallace and ladmo (in az), voltron. i also remember a cartoon about young monsters like frankenstien and dracula. Also loved Adventures of grimm.

    1. Pound puppies was cute. I can’t believe I forgot about that one, especially since they’ve brought it back (although I’m far from impressed with the new version). Garfield was another good one. The Felix cartoons were great too. But I wouldn’t consider him an 80s cartoon. Apparently his first feature film was in the 80s. But the television cartoon was from the 50s (just being replayed in the 80s), and Felix himself first came about in 1919. πŸ™‚

  91. Hi, I’m trying to think of a cartoon from my childhood in th 80’s. All I can remember I’d hey had holograms on the chests and they would turn in to whatever these were.

  92. Hi, now this is incredibly vague, but I remember a cartoon similar in style etc to My Little Pony and Care Bears, i.e pink-ish girly animal type characters. I’m sure one of their names was Footloose… It’s been driving me insane, none of my friends can remember the title either. If anyone could help I’d be extremely grateful!

  93. No one seems to remember this but me and I’m dying to know the name.

    They were a bunch of cartoon characters, looked vaguely like dinosaurs and they all had a black stripe (like a eye mask but in their skin) across where their eyes were. They’d basically help save earth from baddies. I do remember one being like a pterodactyl… Oh and they were all solid colours- red, blue, green etc. help!

    1. Look up Diplodo and see if that looks familiar to you. It was actually a french cartoon, but on Youtube I found some in English. So it’s possible it aired somewhere other than France back in the 80s. They look kind of like dinosaurs wearing black masks — the closest thing I could find to your description.

  94. i was wondering if you know the cartoon i remember.. i was very young dont know if this was an 80’s or 90’s cartoon.. was guys in like fighter jets and there was 1 of them that tried to pull off a straight up move like fly straight up in the air.. i had this on video and i have never came across it.. any help would b appreciated thanx

    1. Could it be Ring Raiders by any chance? It’s the only one about fighter jets that I’m coming across. I think G.I. Joe also has a sequence with fighter jets, so maybe that’s it too.

  95. Hey guys, Do you know the name of the cartoon about a girl with golden curly hair with a white cat who is running from a princess whose jewel the cat swallowed..There is also a masked prince who keeps saving them with a boy cat .And there are these group of men chasing the girl.. I really need the name of the going crazy.. help please

  96. Anyone remember a show about these two little girls, they looked a little like ‘Rainbow brite’ characters, I think one was pink and the other was blue or yellow and they were in space and one had pigtails I think and wore something with a star on it..?

  97. Looking for the name to a cartoon with a boy I think called Z he invented these vehicles that could join together like a train and had a ninja robot with three hands. This might be an early 90 cartoon.

    Also remember tiny toons.

  98. Hi guys, its me again! Thanks a Million for your previous help on finding “Phantom Cat”!!….but recently, I remembered a few of my Favorite 70s-80s TV shows, but I can’t quite remember what their names are!!! πŸ™ So, I thought you could help me out because you are more professional!! πŸ™‚ …I do not remember the names, but I can tell you some details in point form if you wish:

    1) An old cartoon about an old shopkeeper who sells plant vases, but there is one plant vase that the shopkeeper doesn’t sell, which inhabits small creatures like family, they gain there strength by drinking small magical bottles stored in old shelves that contains plenty others, later the old kind shopkeeper discovered their existence & befriended them, they even helped him visit their world by giving him one of the magical bottle to shrink him *remembered it in an episode*!

    2) A very old cartoon *not sure if its USA/Canadian, it might be European*, its about an alternate universe, probably far futuristic, about a protagonist named “Blue”, he is a tall blue humanoid alien with a blue alien dog that can transform into an air slid to ride across the sky, I think the series is named after him *I don’t know for sure*, all I remember was, in farthest episodes, he & the dog discovered a similar blue alien female locked in a egg shaped bed (probably a suspended animation capsule), they freed her, & they became a trio!!.. I also remember this specific episode where the trio visited a place like hell, which was inhabited by red like creatures who had never seen or tasted water!! & when Blue gave them a bottle of water, it breaks when touched by the red creatures!!

    3)Another European cartoon, but not too old, I think it was made in 1990s, its about a rescuing crew that has a ship & marine plane, with a captain that has black hair & fair skin!! & their enemy is an evil co-op that destroys the environment or something, that calls themselves “Barracuda”, because their henchmen has barracuda tattoos on their arm/shoulder, & I remember the good captain was falsely accused & was arrested, *probably by bad guys*!! & the crew is trying to run things & save their captain from jail or something!!

    4)Another old comedy cartoon, I think its Hanna/Barbara production, because the animation style looks like old scooby doo!! its about an alien father & son (father has white hair with 2 tentacle telekinesis & son is red hair with only 1 tentacle telekinesis) with their pink alien dog, went to earth, befriended their kind neighbours father & daughter *blonde she was* & they know about who they really are, & there is this goofy inspector that always want to discover their secret!! , this particularly funny scene I always remember & it never gets old, everytime the inspector always questioned the alien dad what’s behind the door *probably an advanced alien made laboratory*, & the alien dad answers always “there is nothing behind that door” or something, & the inspector insist by running through the door, but the alien dad always change the location that, the inspector finds himself out of the building, falls & land on a barrel of water!!

    5)this one is not animation but I always enjoy watching it!! & I hope you guys can help me, I know you only are expert on cartoons, but their are also cool live action series from late 1980s, its about a boy & girl *probably siblings*!, they had this cool invention, a machine that brings back people from older times to the present day!!, probably the kids learn from them at the end of the episode & the people return to their times!! I remember they brought Cleopatra, & African immigrant from the south *later she shows the kids the way out by making a compass out of leaf, hair pin, magnet stone & a hat full of water, & they brought also a Psychologist of fear in Halloween, they brought him in an old house where there is decoration like fake skeletons & fake Guillotine that scared a lady, but the Psychologist wasn’t scared at all, but I remember this quote from him, he said “The question is why we fear”!

    6) Another non-animated series, but I its the first time I saw it, it was a scene from the episode, I never had the chance to know the name of the series nor I did watch it regularly, but all I remember was this blue alien boy who attends middle school on earth, & everybody seems to know him, he has a white horn on his head which he does telekinesis with it!

    hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  99. sorry guys if I maybe be a persistent, it must have taken you so long to answer my long previous questions!!..I am sorry because I just remember another cartoons to add it on the long list for you to help me out!!

    1) there is old cartoon about an animated tiny wizard who enters into children real live dreams turning them into cartoon to help them out!!

    2) another old cartoon, I don’t think its neither USA nor Canadian made, its kinda European!..about 2 kids in an old poor street, a boy & girl with their dog, their job is to capture mice for living!! I remember one episode where they meet an old countess with her pet rat, bedridden & her evil relatives want to poison her for her inheritance, instead her pet rat drank the poisonous soup & the kids trying to save her by escaping her from the balcony!!

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