HootSuite Shares to Google+ Pages

Hootsuite Google Plus PagesDid you hear that you can now post to Google Plus business pages – but not personal pages – directly from Hootsuite?

Many may have overlooked that news because Google+ originally did not permit feeding from any other source and required all shares on G+ to be made only on their site.

This short video from Tim Friebe of T&S Web Design will guide you in how to get started managing your Google Plus Pages with Hootsuite:

What You Can Do on G+ Within Hootsuite?

  • You CAN manage circles.
  • You CAN post to BUSINESS pages.
  • You can NOT post to your personal page.

There is a free version of HootSuite which allows you to manage up to five social media accounts including your Google Plus business page. If counts individual pages as “accounts” so if you have multiple pages on each network you may have to upgrade to manage all of them.

NEW: Video from Ileane @BasicBlogTips with more detail on How to
Manage your Google Plus Account from Within Hootsuite

HootSuite to Google Plus Features

These posts contain full details on the features you can now manage from within Hootsuite:

Google Plus Resources:

Written by
Gail Gardner
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