10 (Almost) Blank but Really Impressive Billboards (Minimal Design in Shopping)

Billboard advertisers are idiotsMinimal design is about omitting all extra (non-essential) elements that don’t really contribute to the essence of the overall composition in order to emphasize what is important. It is believed to be the easiest to implement but the hardest to brainstorm.

Minimal design is the clearest and the most compelling when it comes to conveying an idea or a concept.

This post looks at minimal design in billboard advertising: 10 (almost) blank but really impressive billboards:

1. Almost Nothing

These billboards have tiny animals on them. The copy reads, “Soon, you won’t be able to see them at all.”

1. Amost Nothing

2. A Sign From God

The target is unclear but the message is definitely compelling:

A Sign From God

by Armante

3. No Size Limits

The billboard is empty but it says that all!

No Size Limits

4. People with Wrinkles

October 1st was International Older Persons Day. So, in an effort to remind younger Scots that pensioners are people too, the Scottish government installed these posters in Glasgow, Edinburgh and other cities.


5. Use Electricity Wisely

Use Electricity Wisely

6. Say No to No Billboards

Another blank billboard with clear message:

Say No to No Billboards

7. No One Cares…

No one cares

8. Neglected Children are Made to be Invisible

Neglected Children are Made to be Invisible

9. Playboy Billboard

Only such a strong brand as PlayBoy can afford to create such self -explanatory billboards.

Playboy Billboard

10. I Pooted

The billboards were part of a Cartoon Network ad campaign for Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

I Pooted

by Michael™