10 Female-Inspired Products: Cute or Gross?

Female-Inspired ProductsWe love good old humor, we love getting a hold of extra-ordinary things and we love collecting themes staff.

But sometimes things are too extra-ordinary, the “theme” is too gross and the humor is too gross?

Or is ut just me?

1. Utera Maxima Toy

The huge stuffed toy or a pillow is done in the form of female uterus. It can be “unstuffed” if you want to save on delivery:

Utera Maxima Toy


2. Plush Uterus

Very similar to the above, this one very much a plush toy. In fact, I am sure many kids love it: it’s pink and soft and they don’t need to know what it was inspired by (they won’t get it anyway)

Plush Uterus


3. Breast Pillow

Two identical pillows in the form of woman’s breast “with rose pink areolas”. These pillows are very large – 14″ high and across. They are made of cozy, 100% cotton flannel.

Breast Pillow

4. Vagina Pillow

This 16″x15″ pillow is “soft, warm, and fuzzy” just like the part of the body used for inspiration.

Vagina Pillow

5. Utera T-Shirt

This T-shirt says, “The Internet. The Series of Tubes” but seriously, who would wear that?

Utera T-Shirt


6. Boobie Scarf

Now this one looks almost cute but where is this fashion bringing us?

Boobie scar

7. Handcrafted Uterus Earrings

Are you ever in the mood to wear your uterus boldly on your ears? Then grab those earrings:

Handcrafted Uterus Earrings


8. Uterus Cake

On what occasion would one want such a cake on his table?

Uterus Cake


9. Porcelain Uterus Vase

A limited edition vase styled like uterus might look stylish with orchids in it:

Porcelain Uterus Vase


10. Uterus Cup Pouch

This couls be a cool pouch for the phone if that were not uterus:

Love Vulva Products

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