10 Fun Gadgets for Beer-Lovers

Summer is here and there is nothing quite like kicking back on a hot afternoon with a group of family or friends, enjoying the sunshine and cracking open an ice cold beer.

It is one of life’s simple pleasures, and I am sure I am not the only hops enthusiast to enjoy anything that is related to that little pass time.

As a matter of fact, every year my friends and I exchange drink related gifts that can be used both year round, and during those special occasions where we all gather for a party. Last year I gave my chosen friend a roulette drinking game that we all had great fun breaking in on the Fourth of July. I was given a wine bottle opener with a face that makes it look like the cork is a creature with giant eyes, a nose and buck teeth.

This year I was looking for something special and came across these beer-related ideas that are very interesting. Some are handy, some are hilarious and some make you wonder who would possible buy something so pointless. But all are great fun, so check out these ten fantastic presents for the beer lover you know:

1. Beach Sandals Bottle Opener

Beach Sandals Bottle Opener

You’re on the beach. It is a hot day, full of fun and frolic, and you have just come out of the water to lounge on your towel in the sunlight and kick back. You reach for a bottle of Samuel Adams and…oh no! You don’t have a bottle opener handy! But no worries, because you have your trust sandal.

Yes, this beach footwear comes with a bottle opener stuck right in the arch of the sandal. It is a convenience device you can take anywhere.

2. Booze Belt

Booze Belt

Feel like a (very drunk) cowboy with this fascinating fastener. This belt does more than just keep your pants up over your beer gut, it holds two bottles of alcohol and six shot glasses for all of your friends…proving you have six friends exactly. It can also hold cans, it is just that versatile!

Alright, I might be over selling it a bit, but you have to admit it is kind of cool. Not to mention useful if you are one of those people that forgets where they put the schnapps.

3. USB Cooler

USB Cooler

Geeks know how to have a good time, too. In fact, if you have ever been to a LAN party you know that a lot goes on when a group of computer buffs get together for a crazy night. If your beer lover doesn’t like to go AFK for long, check out this USB cooler.

It takes one can of beer (or soda, if you aren’t a drinker) and keeps it ice cold for when you want it. No more making your raiding party wait you grab a cold one to celebrate a WoW victory. Just crack this bad boy open and enjoy.

4. Beer Bands

Beer Bands

People like to make assumptions about other’s personalities based on their beer choices. But what can you really tell about someone who likes to drink Miller Light (besides the fact that you could piss in their bottle and they wouldn’t know the difference?)

If you really want your liquor to talk, try these beer bands. They wrap around your bottle, can or glass and they let people know what you are thinking or who you are. Great icebreakers, if you are the kind of person who walks around reading the labels off of people’s drinks all night. If so, you need all the help you can get.

5. Beer Bands

Beer Bands

A great engagement ring if your girlfriend happens to be a raging alcoholic, this ring is as functional as it isn’t stylish. Just slip it on your finger or thumb and use it to pop open any bottle you like. Note the way the guy is wearing it in the picture…discreet. You could probably impress all of your friends if they happened to be drunk already.

6. Camouflage


Don’t you wish you could drink at work? After all, having a six pack would really take the edge off of controlling that air traffic. Now you can hide your alcohol problem with these vinyl labels. They wrap around your beer can and make them look like innocent soda drinks.

Of course, the names aren’t exactly right…there is no such drink as ‘Peski’. But they look close to the original logos, and if people look too closely you can tell them it is a cheap knockoff. Just try not to get too near their face or they are sure to smell the Budweiser on your breath.

7. Tie Opener

Tie Opener

Just because you are hammered doesn’t mean you can’t look professional! It is perfectly acceptable to come stumbling out of an elevator at the office if you are wearing a tie, especially one as clever as this.

To all eyes it will look like your average, run of the mill sign of the office worker. But hidden at the end is a metallic bottle opener to use during happy hour. Oh, is it five already?!

8. Beer Blaster

Beer Blaster

I can’t think of anything more fun then standing ten feet away from my friend and letting them shoot beer into my mouth with a modified squirt gun. If this has also been a dream of yours, check out this beer blaster. It holds any standard 12 oz can, and so it will take a soda if you want it. Think of it as a grown up water fight.

9. Glasses


Have you ever noticed that the more drunk you were the night before, the harder it is to remember how much you drank? I frequently hear my friends boasting about the liquor they chugged down when I knew for a fact they didn’t have, as they claimed, 14 shots and 3 pints of dark ale, but indeed 6 shots and two half-cans of cheap beer.

Take the guessing out of the equation at a time when you can least spare your mental faculties with these awesome glasses. They measure the alcohol and come in both beer glass and wine glass.

10. 60-Second Chiller


I drink a lot of beer slushies. For those who don’t know, a beer slushy is the mess you are left with when you shove a few cans in the freezer to get them cold quick, but forget about them. An hour later you have something that is similar to a frozen drink, but beer flavored. It isn’t as good as it sounds.

This chiller was made to cool multiple beers in just 90 seconds, without the risk of over-frosting a cold one. Very useful, and also works for sodas.

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  • Great list, the USB vchiller would be perfect for my study.

    PS: about #5 – it’s not the Beer Bands – it’s the Ring Thing bottle opener from ThinkGeek. I have one and it’s the business.