10 Most Creative Piggy Banks

Piggy banksPiggy bank is a great way to save some money.

The best thing about it is that you don’t notice how you accumulate plenty of money – you just insert change in it whenever you remember to and on some day you have plenty of it accumulated.

If you don’t focus on accumulating plenty of money and just do that randomly, the process becomes even easier and stress-free.

Here are top 10 creative piggy banks that will make money accumulating even more fun!

1. His / Her Bank

This is such a smart idea: when ever a coin gets to “his” budget, it inevitable ends up in “her” budget:

His / her piggy bank

2. Bank Face

I am not sure what the actual idea is behind it: but this is quite funny – whenever you tuck a coin into it, the face actually moves the way it looks like it “eats” the coin. Definitely, to see the face move again and again you will be sure to spend a lot of money before this stops being funny:

Bank face

bank face

3. Coin Bank Room Divider

Besides being a good storage facility for your saved money, this actually looks good and will fit your interior. Besides, when you have nothing to do, you can kill an idle hour counting how much money you have collected so far:

Coin bank room divider

4. Grenade Piggy Bank

Grenade bank

Grenade bank

5. Bomb Bank

Similar to the previous one but a bomb:

Bomb bank

6. Darth Vader Bank

There’s some really cool symbolism here: hiding money in pure evil:

Darth Vader Bank

7. Spend/Save Coin Bank

“The unpredictable pivoting tray collects, deflects and randomly deposits coins into either the ‘Save’ or ‘Spend’ section. It’s a win, win!”

Spend/save bank

8. Golden Egg Coin Bank

Inspired by the fable of the Goose with the Golden Egg by Aesop:

Golden Egg Coin Bank

9. Financial Crisis Piggy

Not sure how much money it can store but it definitely rocks!

Financial crisis piggy bank

10. Coin Lamp

The idea behind this coin bank is simply genius: if you want to put the light on, feed it a coin – a great incentive to put some coins daily:

Coin lamp

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