10 Not-So-Polite, Yet Funny Shop Signs and Notes

funny shop signsSometimes it seems to me shopkeepers don’t really want to sell anything – and sometimes they don’t even want you to come in. Here’s a funny and entertaining collection of not really polite shop signs and notes:

The owners of this store seems really picky about who is buying from them:

“If you are:

  • Racist;
  • Sexist;
  • Homophobic;
  • or an asshole

Do not come in” (source)!

Funy shopping sign: do not come in

And this owner seems really sick and tired of stories: “Do not bore the shopkeeper to death with stories of your collection” (source)

Funny shopping sign: bored

No “wheely shoes”??? (source)

Funny shopping sign: no wheely shoes

This one is really friendly: no babies allowed (source):

Funny shopping sign: no babies and disabled

A similar one: no children? No pushchairs? Are these guys ever sued? (source)

Funny shopping sign: no children

Very clear shopping hours: is it open right now? (sources: 1 and 2)

Funny shopping sign: working hours

Funny shopping sign: working hours

I do love irony in general, but people please mind your language (source):

Funny shopping sign: rude

This one probably belongs to a restaurant rather than a shop but I couldn’t help including it here for the beautiful shopping-deals concept: no fewer than 7 dishes, if you take 7-10 dishes you will obviously be allowed to spend 20 minutes there (source):

Funny shopping sign

This shopkeeper probably couldn’t wait to close the shop (source):

Funny shopping sign: closed

Brilliant: “If we are closed, just shove your money under the door” (source)

Funny shopping sign: money

Which one is the most polite? 😉

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