10 Most Photogenic Spots in LA

Los Angeles is a city that is comfortable in its own skin. It is one of the most Instagrammed cities in the world and sure boasts of some beautiful locations. As the second-biggest city in America, LA stretches for more than 500 square miles. It is full of lights and glamour, and the vibrato city has a lot to offer when it comes to Instagram feed. While some of the spots in LA are popular and famous, others are less known. If on a trip to LA, ensure that you carry a good quality camera.  As for lodging, pick form any of the luxury houses in Los Angeles to enjoy a good and comfortable stay. There are endless Instagram feeds courtesy of locals and tourists here. One need not make a special trip to look for the photogenic spots, as they are likely to come across some of the most photogenic corners of the city. It could be Michelin-starred restaurants or the quirky juice bars, or the best taco stands.

  1. The Venice Canals
    One of the most unique neighborhoods in Los Angeles is the Venice Canal Historic District. Along with being a top tourist destination, it is a popular spot for a selfie. The canals, landscaped gardens, pedestrian walkways and the magnificent residential homes are indeed a feast for the eyes. See the greener side of LA which is just perfect for Instagram! 
  2. Winston Street
    Winston Street is just a short block in the Toy District and is covered with interesting murals that have been designed by local artists. The unofficial outdoor gallery makes for an excellent background for clicking selfies and wonderful pics. The spirit of the area seems to have exploded onto its walls and the neighboring streets. There are colorful murals and painted portraits that draw the crowds here. 
  3. Walt Disney Concert Hall
    You will simply love the unique architecture of Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is simply fantastic inside and out. Take a tour or see a show here as well as click some great pics. The curved surfaces of steel indeed offer a unique backdrop. The scalding reflections of the building, the wild shapes, and sleek modernity are simply irresistible to the lens. 
  4. Bronson Caves
    Bronson Canyon and its Batcave’ is immensely popular among hikers. It is a perfect spot for silhouette photos as the natural sunlight contrasts with the dark interior. It has been a popular location for generations, and one can capture cinematic Instagrams throughout the canyon and the cave. It is indeed loads of fun to explore the cave in the semi-dark and the three separate exits worth investigating for the explorers. 
  5. Santa Monica Pier
    First built in1909, Santa Monica Pier has been a favorite destination ever since. Today, it is an ideal spot for fishing and is listed among the top beach cities in the world. Pacific Park amusement park and Santa Monica Aquarium have added attractions. Just keep your camera busy and rolling as the location offers something different from the norm. Capture the true Southern California sunset at Santa Monica Pier that actually consists of two adjoining piers. The colorful silhouette of the giant Ferris wheel can be captured anywhere along the sand. 
  6. Los Angeles River
    L.A. River flows through 14 cities and covers multicultural neighborhoods. Environmental and conservation groups have worked on restoring the natural splendor of the river. The consistent efforts have resulted in public art installations, parks, bike paths and hiking trails. The Instagram scenery is just about everywhere here! One must enjoy the river as much as they can along with clicking pictures. You are sure to come across some unique experiences along the river. 
  7. The Wall At Carrera Café
    The popular kiss-covered wall at Carrera Café is one of the most photographed. Just stop at the Carrera Café and stand in front of the famous “Hello” wall that is filled with kisses in bright hues of red and pink. After enjoying those delicious salads and Italian subs at the charming European style Café, just pose in front of the wall and send a sweet message to your Instagram followers. 
  8. Huntington Gardens
    Huntington Library is very popular among locals and tourists, because of the well-maintained gardens and special events and permanent exhibits. The gardens are huge, and it is a good idea to bring a camera, lenses, and a small tripod. Home videotaping and picture taking are allowed throughout the institution. Those gardens are indeed amazing locations for shooting selfies or portraits. 
  9. “Urban Light” at LACMA
    LACMA, the largest art museum in the western side of United States is indeed one of the most photographed locations in Los Angeles. “Urban Light” certainly makes for a unique installation and get a great shot. Capture something magical, especially if you arrive here early in the morning or just after rain. Get a shot of gorgeous white lamp posts that make for a dreamy backdrop. 
  10. Paul Smith’s Pink Wall
    Paul Smith LA flagship store has certainly evolved in recent years and is today a well-known Instagrammable landmark in LA. A fixture on Melrose Avenue since 2005, people from around the world come here to make a pose against the bubblegum pink exterior. There are plenty of restaurants and shopping venues nearby. The popular shopping street and the storefront’s bright pink wall have indeed become a phenomenon among the locals and the visitors. Thus, it is not surprising to see that the pink wall is among the most Instagrammed walls in LA.
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