10 Really Cool DIY Gadgets That Will Take You no More Than 5 Minutes

DIYDo-it-yourself is a popular topic online: there are hundreds of tutorials and how-tos. But most of them are too hard to replicate and require too much time, effort and skill.

This collection shares 10 cool things you can do at home with no more than 5 minutes spent: great ideas for DIY gifts and fun gadgets. Enjoy!

1. Old TV Book Shelf

Looking for some home decor inspiration? Add fresh insight with this geeky vintage design: recycled old TV book shelf!

Estimated time needed: 3 minutes (to find the old TV in the garage)

Old TV Book Shelf

2. Plastic Bottle Candle Holder

This one will come particularly in handy during these long winter romantic nights!

Estimated time needed: 2 minutes (to cut the plastic)

Plastic Bottle Candle Holder

3. CD Candle Holder

More great candle holders now: take a couple of old CDs, put them in a microwave oven for some time (no more than a couple of seconds) and add nice candles.

Estimated time needed: 10 seconds (provided you have nice candles)

CD Candle Holder

4. DIY Photo Holder

The concept is the most important here, not the material. You can elaborate further and use other stuff you have at home to hold the photo – the idea is GOLD. Enjoy!

Estimated time needed: 20 seconds

DIY Photo Holder

5. Plastic Bottle Box (Zipped!)

This one is probably the hardest of all but still easy… and so much fun! Your box does not necessarily need to have eyes by the way – the main thing is that it is zipped and thus makes a very useful gadget to store various tiny things in it.

Estimated time needed: 5 minutes

Plastic Bottle Box

Source: Plastic Frog Box and Plastic Bottle Box

6. CD Photo Frame

This one can make a great last-minute gift to surprise your beloved one – just make sure to choose a great picture of you two: quick and sweet!

Estimated time needed: 3 minutes (to glue the photo to a CD)

CD Photo Frame

7. Fedex Tube Wine Rack

Another timely thing for these holidays: and no effort needed!

Estimated time needed: 2 minutes

Fedex Tube Wine Rack

8. Rolled Newspaper Stool

It might be not that easy to roll all those newspapers tight together: but what an awesome thing to have out of nothing!

Estimated time needed: 5 minutes (especially if you get your kids or friends to help with rolling which also means great time spent together!)

Rolled Newspapaer Stool

Rolled Newspapaer Stool

9. Beer Bottle Romantic Light

Very often the sweetest and unforgettable moments you have are due to these tiny ideas like this one.

Estimated time needed: 1 minute (to cut the bottle nicely)

Beer Bottle Romantic Light

Source: Create Romantic Light from Beer Can

10. Vinyl Record Book Cover

A great way to make your favorite book’s life longer while recycling old vinyl record!

Estimated time needed: 5 minutes

Vinyl Record Book Cover

Post image by zappowbang

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