10 Super Cool Mario Bros. Inspired Products For Your Home

Super Mario Energy DrinkI think back to my childhood and one thing has always stood out: sitting with my cousin and friends on rainy days in front of a Nintendo game system – at the time, the coolest bit of technology ever created – and playing whatever game we had gotten for Christmas, our birthdays, or rented from the video store. But one game we all had and loved was some incarnation of the infamous Mario Brothers games.

From the early Mario Bros to the more celebrated Super Nintendo versions, the character and his friends were a staple of the gaming industry. That hasn’t changed. With every new version of the console brand, new games have come along to utilize the expansive changes of the graphics and game play of the newer generations.

If you want proof of the continuing popularity, check out these ten fantastic products that have been created to celebrate the Mario world. Some of them are must-haves for any classic console geek.

1. Super Mario Wall Decals

Super Mario Wall Decals

Want something cool for your kid’s room, or even a game or entertainment room? You can get some awesome decals for the wall, in either classic or modern styles. They come with Mario, goombas, turtles, blocks and pipes. Some also come with a few of Mario’s friends, such as the Princess, Luigi and Yoshi.

2. Super Mario Messenger Bag

Super Mario Messenger Bag

Etsy is home of some of the coolest homemade products on the web, with thousands of talented sellers in every genre imaginable. Mario is a commonly seen feature there, and this messenger bag is a great example of one of the better-made products. Created by 16BIT, it is only one of dozens of cool products they have sold.

They are currently sold out, but you can contact the seller for details about restocking.

3. Super Mario Energy Drink

Super Mario Energy Drink

Need something to pep you up when you hit that 2 AM slump at your next LAN party (yes, I am that big of a geek)? Then check out this Mario energy drink. Made in blue raspberry flavor, it is a little can of caffeine heaven fit for anyone who enjoys slamming down Red Bulls and playing a few manic rounds of Call of Duty. Just don’t drink too many, or you’ll be wired for days.

4. Question Mark Pillow

Question Mark Pillow

We all know the question mark blocks that are in the games. We can find coins there, mushrooms, stars, fireflowers, feathers….little items that can make the next move in the game a little easier. But in the case of this pillow, the only power will be making your furniture look a little more stylish.

But if the pillow isn’t enough, why not try…

5. Question Mark Block Ottoman

Question Mark Block Ottoman

Question Mark Block Ottoman

The colors aren’t great (unless you like gold and brown), but the look is still pretty cool. It is only 15x15x15, so small enough to keep from taking up too much space. It is made of memory foam, so not good to fit on. But great to put your feet up on, or even lean back against.

6. Super Mario Rubik’s Cube

Super Mario Rubik's Cube

Super Mario Rubik's Cube

Do you like puzzles? Do you like Mario? Do you like Rubik’s cubes? Would you like a Rubik’s cube puzzle that comes in the form of Mario’s world? Then you are in luck. This is probably one of the geekiest things I have ever seen in my life, and I want one!

7. Question Block Tissue Box

Question Block Tissue Box

It is probably getting obvious that you can by a lot by way of question blocks. But with how many are in a game, that is a good thing…you can make your room look like a real world level. If not, you can always pop this onto your desk at work or home for a cool little place to put tissues. It will certainly give you a smile to go with that sneeze.

8. Super Mario Shelves

Super Mario Shelves

Super Mario Shelves

Without a doubt, this is my favorite product on the market. These shelves are made in the form of cubby blocks, the ones with question marks are covered and open up by pulling the flap up from the top. They are studier than they look, and can hold anything from books to trophies to toys.

9. Super Mario Brothers Paperclips and Push Pins

Super Mario Brothers Paperclips and Push Pins

Maybe not the most amazing or effective of products, but these mushroom and goomba pins and paper clips are still pretty cool. If you reuse such items in the office, it couldn’t hurt to have a couple handy. You know, to impress the clients or just amuse yourself.

10. Super Mario Fridge Magnets

Super Mario Fridge Magnets

You can create an entire magnetic world on your fridge, playing out levels or just creating a nice little scene to make you chuckle when you stumble to the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night. Just think of how much more pleasant those hangovers will be if you wake up to Mario jumping over a pipe on your freezer.