10 Unique and Creative Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's Day Gift IdeasThis year’s Father’s Day is this week – North America and UK residents are celebrating it on June, 21.

Thus it is quite clear you are browsing the web searching for some unique and creative gift ideas to make your dad happy.

So this post is all about Father’s Day Shopping: show your fathers your love and support with these gifts:

1. Well… “The Future is Perfect” Mug

If you have not much money for the present but want to cheer up your dad, this gift will do both! An excellent choice in a bad economy (via men.style.com):

"The Future Perfect" Mug

2. Alien Abduction Lamp

The Alien Abduction Lamp is a good fit for those science-fiction-loving dads. Whether you are a UFO fanatic or not, there’s something appealing about the light coming out from under this flying saucer. There’s also the more humorous bovine being lifted edition (via craziestgadgets.com):

Alien Abduction Lamp

3. Glo Pillow

Is our dad having hard time waking up in the morning? Make waking up easier for him with this Glo pillow (via talk2myshirt.com):

Glo Pillow

4. Flip Clock on Legs

A good gift for those who like extra-ordinary designs. Modern design meets vintage technology with this legged flip clock by metal designer Michael Daniel. Every time a number flips over, the clock looks like it’s moving towards you! (via chipchick.com)

Flip Clock on Legs

5. Smart Silver Wallet

For business-savvy dads:

“The wallet comes with 18 interchangeable button icons that fit any card combination you choose. Logos for your major credit cards, gas, medical, driver’s license, ATM, phone and more. You could even just use colors to demarcate which card is which, if you’re not into icons. The wallet helps you get organized, save time, and allows your cards to last much, much longer. Best of all, the wallet’s attractive, streamlined design allows it to fit easily into any pocket or purse. (via geekalerts.com)”

Smart Silver Wallet

6. Transformers USB Memory Stick

A great toy for dads who have good imagination. This 2GB USB memory stick transforms into the Decepticon Ravage. At the link, there’s also a laser mouse that transforms into the Autobot Grimlock and a USB hub that transforms into the Autobot Blaster.

Transformers USB Memory Stick

Transformers USB Mouse:

Transformers USB Mouse

7. Speech Bubble Speakers

Does you dad like music – here’s a good gift for him then (via geekalerts.com)

Speech Bubble Speakers

8. Clever Post-A-Note pen

For always-busy dads: The clever Post-A-Note pen comes with a built-in cartridge filled with small yellow Post-it inspired notes, so you’ll never have to worry about being without paper again (via Geek Alerts).

Note + Pen

9. Bottle Popper Easy Bottle Opener

If your dad likes to relax with a bottle of beer in the evening, this gift is definitely going to make him happy: a geeky bottle opener: Just press down and the Popper does all the work, opening your bottle with a satisfying “pop” sound. (via craziestgadgets.com)

Bottle Popper Easy Bottle Opener

10. Flashing Dry Erase Memo

If you and your dad can’t afford to see each other too often and communicate via notes on the fridge – here’s a good way to make this conversation better! No excuses—they can’t miss your note when it’s on this dry erase memo board because it has a blue light that slowly flashes (via solutions.com)!

Dry Erase Memo

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