14 Applications to Turn Facebook into the Shopping Tool

Facebook ShoppingFacebook unites your friends, relatives and colleagues for you to easily connect with them. Being thus a handy and popular social tool, it is quite natural it can be also turned into an awesome shopping tool: imagine your friends accompany you with your online shopping, giving you advice and sharing their experience!

Friends are the people you can trust; with Facebook applications you can ask them to review the products you plan to buy or rate a retailer you are considering. You can also help each other by exchanging coupon codes and notifying each other of best deals.

So here is the comprehensive collection of Facebook shopping tools:

Track Coupon Codes via Facebook:

Simply Best Coupons: this application is Facebook version of popular website SimplyBestCoupons.com. Without leaving Facebook you can find best coupons and deals. The procedure is really simple:

  • Select your country;
  • Select you favorite online stores and shopping categories;
  • Select the notification type (email or facebook notification);
  • Invite your friends;
  • Search by the retailer’s name;
  • Add your comments and rate the retailer:

Simply Best Coupons

Coupons.com offer printable discount coupons on Facebook:

“Simply add the application, and we’ll instantly provide you with a selection of coupons for everyday products. For every coupon you print, discard, or share with a friend, we’ll replace it with another until you’ve bled us dry!”

Next Coupons app allows the user to suggest retailers they’d like to receive coupons from, and also select from shopping categories that interest them. That way the deals the users get are tailored specifically to their interest, and they can be informed of hot coupons and discounts without even having to search for them.

Free Coupons: on adding the app you’ll see a list of popular brands, just click on any to add your favorite shops to your profile:

Free Coupons

Cheap Deals & Coupons posts a box on the left side of your profile, then it feeds in 5 lines of text, which consists of deals on the Internet and how they are rated. A “5” rating means that the deal is SUPER cheap. A “1” means that the deal is no good! Immediately after adding the app, you’ll see the list of recent deals and coupons throughout the Internet.

Me coupons offers to give your friends a gift that lets them spend more time with you in real life. Send them a “One Free Hug” or “Free Drink” coupon or create a personalized coupon for that special friend. You can even text your friends your coupon so that they can redeem it in real life!

Coupons Community by eCoupons offers a handy navigation with a drop-down menus. Besides, it allows members to submit new coupons.


Get Organized with Facebook Shopping and Wish Lists:

What I Want app (which can also be added to pages) offers to add items to your wishlist from any store and notify your friends. You can share your wishlist with your Facebook friends or with non-Facebook users too:

  • Manage your wishlist according to priority, quantity and purchases.
  • Search for products from all your favorite online merchants such as Amazon, Apple, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Buy.com, Gap, Home Depot, Barnes & Noble, and thousands of others.
  • Create: shopping lists, What-I-Want, What-I-Have, recommendations, wish lists, etc.

What I want

JungleBook shows your Amazon wishlists on your profile to let people know when you add items to it.

  • Let your friends see what gifts you want, and find out what to buy your friends.
  • Create and share lists of products on Amazon.
  • Examples of lists you can create: “My favorite Books”, “Top 10 Rock Albums”, “Music I Bought This Year”, “Gadgets I Want From Santa”, etc.
  • The lists you create are submitted to Amazon to be saved, and so are shown on both sites.

What would you buy? offers shopping polls and wishlists. Create a poll to compare two similar products and let your friends vote and browse through your friends’ polls.

Access Product Reviews:

Needdit lists reviews from people you know and trust.

CNET Product Review(s) displays a widget-like block reviewing an item. The search option sends the user to CNET site.

CNET reviews

I Want One app provides you and your friends with the ability to vote on different Amazon.com products. Instead of trusting the customer reviews on Amazon you should ask your friends to review the product. Add the product to your list and ask your friends to vote on the product.

Comparison and Social Shopping via Facebook:

My Shopping allows you to shop online with your Facebook friends. You can search for books, music, movies, gadgets, clothing, or anything you have a need for. You can then rate, mark, and share items. For any item you can view how many of your friends like or dislike that item, as well as compare the lowest prices available from retail stores. Write reviews or rants, and let your peers know how you feel about that product.

My Shopping App

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