15 Enjoyable Ways to Save Money during the Summer

Save money on summerSave money by saving energy

The great thing about summer is that it is hot. This means less energy spent on heating and cooking, yet more energy spent on cooling. Let’s see how we can save some money (and become more green and frugal!):

1. If you can’t do without fans and air-conditioners, use them wisely: adjust the air conditioning throughout the day to meet your needs. And of course, look for the ENERGY STAR® label.

2. Replace filters in your air conditioner – this will make it work more efficiently and thus spend less energy.

3. Cook outside: getting your whole family together for evening barbecue will be both fun and refreshing experience for your relatives. Make it your new family tradition and you will notice how much closer you become!

Summer barbecue

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4. Dry your laundry outside: OK, this one works for the suburbs only but if you are happy enough to live outside the city, imagine how good your linen will smell if it dries in the fresh air.

5. Use cold water more often: hot summer is a great time to start taking cold showers, for example. It is both good for your health and saves your energy on heating the water.

6. (Obvious) Keep your lights off during the day: it is sunnier during the summer than during the rest of the year, so don’t forget to take advantage of that!

Save money by saving other Nature resources

7. Save on watering your lawn: Summer heat makes you water your lawn much more often, try doing that early in the morning to prevent the water from evaporating so quickly.

Additionally investing in a good quality sprinkler timer will save money by making sure your lawn gets watered just the right amount.

8. Save gas by switching to the bicycle! Really, sometimes it is both refreshing and energizing to take a quick ride to your work instead of idling in traffic jams – and this saves your money too!

Keep updated of summer sales and deals

9. Make sure to subscribe to sites alerting you of the hottest deals and sales. Summer is the time of greatest sales ever. I don’t mean getting obsessed but keeping an eye on best summer deals can considerably help your budget.


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Save money on summer entertainment

On top of all, summer is the best time to take some rest and relax to get ready for the next working season. Who says you can’t have a good rest on a budget?

10. Keep an eye on summer travel deals;

11. Take advantage of fresh-air summer events: free concerts, theater events, movies, art shows;

12. Get more flexible and smart about your summer travel: consider these 5 tips for example;

Save money on food

13.Growing your own vegetables and herbs is a great way to save money!


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14. Switch to farmers markets: unlike supermarkets pricing, product prices at markets are often negotiable. Also, you can save a fortune by buying from same sellers daily or weekly and thus having great bargains from them.

Save on your other bills

Use any opportunity to take advantage of opportunities summer can offer! For example:

15. Stop paying for the gym and start jogging: take a leave of absence from your gym membership and enjoy your exercises in the fresh air! Grab your camera to take photos of the morning scenes for more fun!

Any more tips on saving money during the summer? Please share them!

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