15 Most Bizarre Home-Made Products: Cute or Not?

Bizarre productsEtsy is an awesome resource of unique hand-made products which could make a perfect present or a souvenir. But sometimes they are too unique and creative – to the level when they become odd and even creepy.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love creativity and don’t mean to say these things are bad or useless. In fact, even the sellers call them weird and creepy: that’s what makes the products cool.

15. Love Vulva Products

Description: The whole collection of various items all styled as vulva.

Foster understanding and appreciation of Vagina

Example: Uterus Lovin’ Menstrual Cup Pouch

Price: $7.99

Love Vulva Products

14. Siamese Twins Doll

Description: 2 headed baby pillow person that looks both strange and somewhat creepy.

Price: $34.00

Siamese Twins Doll

13. Newborn Baby Sea Snail

Description: Creepy? – yes! Cute? – ummm, not really…

Price: $35.00

Newborn Baby Sea Snail

12. Bubble

Description: An odd toy for your extra-ordinary child – do you think he will prefer it over the old good teddy bear?

4 snouts, 6 eyes and two ears is bubble. Quite fetching. Photos cannot do it justice.

Price: $36.00

Bubble toy

11. White Deerman

Description: An odd-looking sculpture to match your weird interior.

Price: currently sold out

White Deerman

10. Pansies Pet Hood

Description: Who would have thought this is said about DOG’s hood:

Delicate pink fleece petals frame the face on an apple green hood background. Delicate ties under the chin keep this hat ON.

Price: $16.00

Pansies Pet Hood

9. Undead Shadow Puppet Set

Description: Shadow puppet sticks are intended for supervised play with ages 4 and up. Please play responsibly.

Price: Currently sold out

Undead Shadow Puppet Set

8. Ochibos World

Description: Little Ochibos are all unique and not made from any pattern.

Price: about $5 per little unique creature


7. Holding Hands Necklace

Description: Before you actually read what it is, your imagination can picture various creepy pictures in front of your eyes. And then you sign with relief: oh, these are just cut-off hands on a string!

Price: $395.00

Holding Hands Necklace

6. Toilet Paper Earrings

Description: earrings that look like toilet paper placed into the roller.

Price: currently sold-out

Toilet Paper Earrings

5. Hand Soap

Description: Wash your hands with hands – how awesome is that?

Price: currently sold out

Hand Soap

4. Jaw Dropping Soap

Description: More creepy soap to amaze your guests.

Price: $8.00

Jaw Dropping Soap

3. Juicy Brain Bowl

Description: a cool bowl covered with juicy brain texture and lined with a lovely blood red color.

great for eating cereal or serving your favorite salty or sweet treat

Price: currently sold out

Juicy Brain Bowl

2. HOPE on a ROPE

Description: a bright eye-catching oddity on the rope that is advertised to give hope and to be vegan friendly:

We made him purple, because we here at dugshop feel that he’s a true uniter, there are no red or blue states, we’re all purple.

Price: currently sold out


1. Gay Superhero Cigarette Case Wallet

Description: a steel case with the funky image inside:

After the image is inserted the top is filled with a crystal-clear, waterproof, UV-resistant glossy polymer. This makes the image amazingly vivid and virtually indestructible. The case is perfect for a driver’s license, business cards, coins, bills, credit cards, cigarettes (long or regular) or nearly anything else.

Price: $9.99

Gay Superhero Cigarette Case Wallet

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