7 Cool and Funny iPhone Docks

Most of the world agrees that Apple’s iPhone is one very cool device, attested to by the sale of millions of the popular smartphone over the past few years. In a world full of iPhones and iPhone owners, the only way to set yourself apart is to focus on cool, funny and otherwise notable accessories.

With that thought and your desire to make you and your loved ones stand out in a crowd in mind, here are seven cool and funny iPhone docks to be considered as your next gift for the iPhone owner in your life, yourself included.

1. Shelf iPhone Dock

Shelf iPhone Dock

Minimalists will love the aptly named Shelf iPhone Dock, a simple wall-mounting shelf with iPhone dock embedded. Hidden along the ridges of the shelf are a few extras, including all of the ports necessary to connect to your home theater system and a nifty little remote control.

2. DashLink Harley iPhone Dock

DashLink Harley iPhone Dock

This one is perfect to take on your trip! If you’re looking to provide yourself with the best of your music library while hitting the road on your hog, the DaskLink iPhone Dock for Harleys has you covered. Functioning as a replaceable fuel tank, this roadworthy dock gives you access to both your music and the iPhone’s GPS functions while on your bike, making your ride more enjoyable and more direct than ever!

3. Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand

Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Dock Stand

If modern style is on your iPhone dock checklist then the Sinjimoru Sync and Charge Stand is for you. With sleek, curvy design implemented beautifully on a minimalist frame, the Sinjimoru supports an iPhone standing upright or on its side for ease and visual effect.

4. Logitech S715i Speaker Dock

Logitech S715i Speaker Dock

Prices vary wildly where iPhone speaker docks are concerned but a great dollar for dollar value can be found in the Logitech S715i dock. Sporting a sleek, stylish design and featuring true portability (it even has a carrying handle), the S715i offers fantastic sound powered by a rechargable battery offering up to eight hours of playing time. If your dock is meant for music, the S715i is an unbeatable value.

5. Armstar Body Guard iPhone Dock

Armstar Body Guard iPhone Dock

For superhero geeks in general and Batman fans in particular is the Armstar Body Guard, a very unique iPhone dock designed to go where you go, firmly attached to your arm.

With the appearance of something taken directly from the bat cave’s storage room, the Armstar Body Guard not only gives you a spot to dock your iPhone for easy communications (think Leela from Futurama), but also offers real life protection with its Kevlar build, on-board audible alarm and even a built in stun gun. Additional features include an HD camera with video recording capability and a high-powered flash light.

Whether you’re looking to stand out in a crowd or protect yourself when taking the train late at night, the Armstar Body Guard has got you covered.

6. DIY: Retro Gamer’s Dream

DIY: Retro Gamer's Dream

One clever gaming enthusiast has turned a classic Nintendo Entertainment System controller into a very unique iPhone dock. You may not be able to find one of these on a store shelf, but remember: the possibilities are only as limited as the materials available to you!

7. DIY: Lego iPhone Dock

DIY: Lego iPhone Dock

There aren’t many things in this world nearly universally loved by people around the planet but Lego definitely qualifies as one of them. This DIY iPhone dock is a hands-on example of one very sweet way to combine your childhood hobby with your adult love of sleek gadgets!

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