Credit: Ben Heine (via Flickr)

7 Ways You Can Boost Your Memory Even If You Are In Your 50s Or Older!

Credit: Ben Heine (via Flickr)
Credit: Ben Heine (via Flickr)

Searching for your cell phone ……… again? Not able to find your car keys? Whatever the reason you keep forgetting stuff, you don’t have to live with it anymore, irrespective of what your age is.  You can be in your 30s, 40s, 50s or more; you have no excuse to let your brain fog.

According to experts, you can keep boosting your memory at all ages, if you start taking care of this most complicated and important organ of your body.

Here are some tips to a simple lifestyle that will keep your memory sharp for years.

If you are in your 30s, here’s a list of things you ought to do:

Floss Daily – Did you know that oral plaque is bad for the brain? It can cause immune reaction that can reduce the functioning of the arteries that deliver vital nutrients to the brain cells.  You will have to floss each and every day without fail.

Exercise Your Brain Along With The Body – You know that exercising the body is essential to keep it fit but what about exercise for the brain?  When you exercise, your brain is also energized and is at its best.  You can play some language or music lessons on your iPod while in the gym.  If you don’t want to do it in the gym, then do a crossword or some such mental activity as soon as you come out, as your brain is all fresh during and after an exercise session.

Eat Lots Of Fish – Just as water is therapeutic, fish that live in water are great for the brain. Foods that are high in DHA, a type of omega-3-fatty acids are excellent.  They include yogurt, salmon, trout etc.  DHA empowers the brain by reducing any arterial inflammation and repairing the nerve sheath.  This helps with memory loss, depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Now if you are older and in the 40s, you don’t have to fret.  Here’s how you can keep your brain sharp and young:

Play Your Kids’ Games – According to neuropsychologists, playing games like the Rubik’s Cube keeps the brain sharp at any age.  This is because of the need to concentrate and think of how to go about it and use your spatial skills; all of which are needed for improvement of the brain.  If you don’t like Rubik’s Cube, then play something that requires you to think and play.  You may even play Bridge on a regular basis if you have a group of friends.

Build Up A Speeding Heart – Making sure your heart rate increases at least thrice a week for 20 minutes at a stretch.  This is considered excellent for the brain, as the brain receives plenty of oxygen that helps with new cell growth. While walking and jogging are great; aerobics works wonders.  Any form of exercise will help with the cognitive functioning of the brain as you grow older.

Well, you would be thinking there’s nothing you can do in your 50s.  You could not be more wrong:

According to researchers, certain nerves present in your fingertips stimulate the brain and they need to be exercised, but in the most fun way…by using chopsticks to eat, rolling a pen between your fingers or knitting.  Think and you’ll find plenty of ways to stimulate those nerves.

How Electronic Games Help – They are not only meant for your grandchildren, they are wonderful as brain exercises for you too. You need to give some juice to your brain. According to health specialists, video games have the capacity to stimulate different parts of the brain that we normally don’t use for our regular activities.  How about playing Brain Challenge for the Wii?

Don’t Pop Too Many Medicines – You may suffer from problems like body aches when you exercise too much or insomnia and other issues.  Although, you can get rid of the immediate discomfort by popping the pill, in the long-run, it can only prove to be harmful.  Be vary of sleeping pills as they can cause confusion and cognitive impairment at your age.   Many such medicines have anticholinergic effect and hinder nerve cell communication. It is advisable to go with relaxation techniques and other alternative methods.

Here are some foods that are great for the brains of all age groups; both young people and the older generation.  These foods contain natural chemicals that fight cognitive decline:

–         Cocoa

–         Coffee

–         Red wine

–         Walnuts

–         Blueberries

–         Asparagus

–         Egg yolks

–         Rosemary

–         Tomato sauce

At every stage of your life, there are bound to be some changes in your overall physical and mental faculties; however it is in your hands to stay physically active and mentally sharp for as many years as possible.  You don’t want to waste your life suffering from mental illnesses, do you?

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  • My husband had early onset Alzheimers in his 50s and died at 70. I wonder if my children are in danger
    of this dreadful and heartbreaking illness? I wonder what the percentages are.