A Disposable Pocket Toilet For Women!

How many times have you had to control yourself till you got back home?  You could be out watching a movie or shopping when the desperate need overpowers you, with no option but to wait. Your male companion doesn’t have any issues, but it’s you who has to suffer.

All because public toilets are filthy and smell. Most women avoid sitting on public toilet seats and they have a good reason.  Unhygienic toilets breed germs and are infectious and transmittable.  They can attach to the perineum that runs between the vaginal opening and the anus.

You may avoid using public toilets because they are dirty, but you would be shocked to know what can happen, if you were forced to use them.  Scientists reveal that contamination from toilet seats can take several forms.

  • Herpes: Caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).
  • Parasites: Scabies and pubic lice.
  • SARS: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome.
  • Enteroviruses: Cause gastroenteritis.
  • Veneric Diseases: Gonorrhea, infection caused by bacteria gonococcus.

However, now there is news that could prove to be a major relief for women – the possibility of carrying your very own pocket urinal.

I know, urinal in a pocket doesn’t sound too appealing.  But you’ll change your mind once you read what the German firm that created this has to say.

According to the inventor of Ladybag, Eva Tinter, “It can be used in cars, or to avoid dirty toilets or at open air festivals when you don’t want to queue.  You can just nip round the back of the toilet and use this.  There’s never been a product like this in this form.”

This is the world’s first pocket urinal – that would put an end to visiting dirty toilets or long lines at public urinals.

This disposable mobile toilet works by turning urine into an odorless gel.  “Ladybag” is the deceptive name given to this amazing creation.  This bag is made of plastic and fitted with absorbent polymers that turn urine to a gel.

You must be wondering how a toilet bag can fit into a pocket.  Well, it is as big as a chocolate – when folded.  This one comes with an opening that’s wide enough to accommodate easy urine flow into the bag while sitting, standing or squatting. The gel can absorb half-liter of urine, which is sufficient to process urine from one sitting; however, in case of emergency, the bag can hold one liter.  It is obvious that the bag can be used only once and will have to be disposed after use.

This bag is certainly a boon for women, enabling them to urinate comfortably and effortlessly, and eliminates the need for contact with any contaminated toilet seats.

For those of you who cannot wait to get it, it comes in sets of three for $27, which includes packaging.  The company has already sold more than 20,000 through pharmacies and on the internet ever since its launch last October.   Eva said that they have had orders from around the world.

The huge demand for this bag shows how women dread using public toilets.  A recent survey revealed that about 55% of women control until they get home and over 25% of them never ever use public toilets.  Listen to this! More than 99% of women, who use public toilets, never sit directly without covering the seat with toilet paper, straddle or squat when urinating. This can be quite a nightmare for the elderly, pregnant women and women wearing tight clothes.

As if the discomfort of the whole process is not enough, there are several medical complications associated with them.  When the bladder is not emptied completely, there are greater chances of infections from urinary stasis.  For those who wait till they get home, the problems associated with urine retention can be critical.  It can lead to cystitis and problems of early incontinence.

The Ladybag offers the convenience and freedom every woman craves for.  The best part is that it is environmental friendly and can be disposed off in the rubbish bins.  If men are feeling lost and wondering why they are not being taken care of, you can check out the men’s Roadbag.

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