Antiques and Collectibles

There is something about our past that intrigues us. Antiques and collectibles are extremely popular with many people. Some collect items like furniture or sports memorabilia for the aesthetic value it brings to a home. Others collect coins or toys for potential profit. Antiques can be small and meaningful in a personal way or simply an investment piece.

Collecting Antiques

There are many ways to collect antiques. For many it is a game they simply enjoy playing. Garage and estate sales yield valuable items that others think of as junk or outdated. Shops and specialty stores may have the last piece needed to complete a valuable collection. Online auction sites bring potential collectibles straight to your home. However you collect, enjoy the hunt – its part of the thrill.

The Value of Collectibles

Collections can be extremely valuable. For many they are simply a means to invest, and for others they are a combination of investment and hobby. If you find a piece at an estate sale for a few dollars, clean it up and then realize it has more value than you originally anticipated, you can sell it immediately for a profit or hold onto it and wait for it to grow in value.

Items such as baseball cards, artifacts and items from important events such as September 11, 2001 appreciate with age. As fewer of a particular item become available, the item in question becomes more valuable. Thus, the longer you hold onto an antique, the more valuable it becomes – a true investment.

Others prefer to combine a pleasurable hobby with a bit of potential moneymaking. They search through sales and shops for hidden treasures, clean them up and either keep them for investment or sell them immediately. Little storefronts have sprung up to help others sell their treasures through online auction sites or to direct customers. Who says a hobby can’t be profitable?

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