Apple Vs. Dell

Apple and Dell have been arch rivals for a good while. They compete on price and products and often take jabs at each other in the media. Dell has been quoted as saying Apple should close shop and return customers’ money during one of its rough spots in the past. The primary area of competition between the two companies is the field of education. Both companies aggressively target schools and students in an attempt to be the choice for back to school.

Students and schools making the decision between the two computers have a few areas to consider. The primary use of the computer is a major deciding factor as well as the software available.

System Use
Dell systems are PCs that might be found in business, legal and engineering fields. Therefore they are also often found in school and dorm rooms corresponding to those fields. Macs, or Apple computers, are found in the more artistic realms of art and web design. Some Apple computers and software are gaining popularity with the more design oriented PC users, however.

Both Dell and Apple computers have Microsoft software such as Word and Excel. Apple computers do come with more media features than Dell products such as iLife which combines many features including iTunes and iMovie HD. It is now possible to easily share files between Apple and Dell computers, although programs that don’t already exist on both platforms might need a special program.

Availability and Price
Apples have traditionally been more expensive than Dell products simply because the market is smaller and the company has more overhead. Apple has recently lowered the price on their notebooks, however, to match prices on popular Dell models. This has tightened the competition. Both systems work very well and have good customer support. Dell products are PCs which are more universal. This means they might still have the edge when it comes to specialized products and common questions.

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