Can’t Decide What to Buy? Let the Machine Help!

Shopping helpSometimes you find yourself stuck. Which seller should I prefer? Do I need to buy that thing at all? Which gadget should I choose?

Of course, the first and most obvious thing to do is to turn to your friends and relatives. After that you can do some online research and actually ask questions right at the mall. But still, very often that turns time-consuming and even ineffective.

Luckily, we’ve got free online tools that can make your life easier and this post is featuring one of the best web based shopping helper you are sure to find awesome: Hunch

The tool is designed to help you make decisions based n the smart algorithm which combines user-generated knowledge with mathematical framework:

Hunch is designed to soak up collective knowledge and then organize it in a useful way to help you make smart decisions. Hunch proposes custom decision results for you that it wouldn’t necessarily give to somebody else. But at its core, Hunch’s decision making algorithm is just a mathematical framework. It’s the users of Hunch who give the algorithm proper training and personality by contributing to it and making it clever, funny, and nuanced…. but most of all very useful in helping everyone to make smart, efficient decisions.

Now let’s see what it can do:

Find Answers Which Are Right for You:

Let’s follow the whole process:

Let’s say you are planning to buy an mr3 player but can’t decide which one is right for you. So start by typing the question in the search box:

Which mp3 player is right for me?


>>> Choose your budget:

Hunch: choose your budget

>>> Decide which one you prefer: the look or the features:

hunch: quality

>>> Define which one is more important for you: the budget or the features:

Hunch - choose

… And you get it! All the options you may want to consider:

Hunch - results

Get More Research on Each Result:

Besides the photo and the detailed description, you will be impressed to see even more in-depth research for each choice:

  • User-lists it was included into;
  • User-added pros and cons of the product:

Hunch: more research

Find More Questions and Answers Related to Your Product

Hunch offers a cool as-you-type search suggestions that help you find at a glance what questions related to the product you are considering other members ask and answers:

Hunch related

Now, how great is that? Plenty of way to help you make a decision right at you finger tips! Are you aware of any other similar tool? Please share it!

Post image by Roby Ferrari

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