Creative, Funny and Unforgettable Shopping Bags

Creative Shopping BagsWhat can be less ordinary than a shopping bag you take with you when going to the mall?

You know me, I love when ordinary things are turned into something creative and innovative – and shopping bags are no exception!

So today I am listing the examples of most creative and awesome shopping bags that are aimed to spread an idea and communicate the company’s message.

Part of your style:

Karl Lagerfeld mask bag is both stylish and genius:

Karl Lagerfeld mask bag

And this one is just hilarious!

Cute shopping bag

Visualizes the message

Wheaties bag is a great example of how its advertising campaign communicates the company message: eat our products and get in shape! (via

Wheaties shopping bag

YKM Bag shopping bag clearly promotes the active way of life:

YKM Bag shopping bag

GreenPeace shopping bag is another great example of a well-visualized campaign message: “Give me your hand” (via

GreenPeace shopping bag

Gaia activists visualize their message on a plastic shopping bag the following way (via

Gaia Shopping Bag

Red cross shopping bag strikes simple design and impactful execution (via

Red Cross shopping bag

Visualizes the product:

Fitness Company fitness center shopping bag shows a 20 kilo handweigt (printed on both sides). They’re given away to customers when purchasing fitness accessories or nutritional supplements (via

Fitness shopping bag

Drop your bag!“: this shopping bag was given when you bought a book by Belgium’s most famous crime-writer (via

Gun shopping bag

Would you guess what product the following one promotes? This is a product that is meant to stop nail biting:

Nail biting shopping bag

Panadol shopping bags that visualize the head ache:

Panadol shopping bag

Panadol shopping bag

Cool design:

Clothes in Closets shopping bag has handles like knuckles. The idea behind the design is unclear: whether the clothes are so cool that you will have to fight for them or (as suggested in the comments) it is meant for aggressive sale hunters. What’s sure is that the design is cool and catchy:

Clothes in Closets shopping bag

I can’t understand the idea behind the following one but it cool, isn’t it?

Humor shopping bag

The following ones must be promoting some concept, but I wasn’t able to find out which one:

Hugging shopping bag

Cute shopping bag

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