Do You Think It’s Just a Toaster?

Awesome toastersIt is hard to find such a limited in functionality, yet such a wide-spread and popular device as a toaster.

The only thing it does is burning a slice of bread – but have you ever seen a kitchen without it?

However like any other ordinary thing, a toaster has a long history and can be innovated in multiple things.

So let’s just let’s see what we have never expected from an ordinary toaster: let’s explore state-of-the-art toasters:

State-of-the-Art Toasts:

“Tell me what you feel” toaster: get your morning toasts express your emotions (via

Pop Art Toaster

The geekiest of the geekiest: the following toaster “burns line-by-line black and white pictures with 12 by 12 pixel resolution into the toast. Comes with a memory chip which stores multiple images.” (via

Zuse toaster

Could it be even geekier? Oh yes it could! With this crazy toaster you can burn pretty much anything: “The Scan Toaster connects to a PC over USB and downloads everything from local weather conditions and the current time to the morning’s news headlines.” (via

Crazy Toaster

Want Darth Vader for breakfast? This “Star Wars” themed devices toasts a perfect image of the Dark Lord (via

Star Wars Toaster

This one doesn’t produce such a perfect image but it is fun too (via

Toaster skull

The following one will make your daughter happy: Helllo Kitty toaster (via

Helllo Kitty toaster

Volkswagen toaster for all those fan of German cars and unique designs:

Volswagen toaster

Unique Designs:

Transparent toaster is made of “heated glass to burn a single piece of bread in plain view right before your eyes” (via

Transparent toaster

Ceramic toaster turns its downside (plenty of time to burn one slice) intoits greatest advantage: cooking toasts become social again, while making a toast you now have time to talk to your relatives and friends (via

Ceramic toaster

Rollertoaster combines extra-ordinary design with much fun: stick bread in one side, and watch it get rolled into toast by the compact little unit. (via


Need more unusual designs? Browse online toaster museum for the whole bunch of craziest designs!

Toaster Museum

Two-in-One Toaster:

A glass toaster + induction cooker spots high-teck design that looks like a laptop to me (via

V-line Toaster

V-Line Toaster

Ok, three in one for this toaster I guess: toasts, tea and cool retro style (via

Toaster + Teapot

Nasty morning? Cheer it up with these cool egg-and-muffin toasters: quick and easy (Source:

Egg and muffin toaster

Egg and muffin toaster

Toaster + XBox 360? Why not? (believe it or not)

XBoz 360 + Toaster

Btw, if you want to compare your PS 3 with a toaster, this video might help:

Post image by oskay