The Dumbest Criminals: Stupid Things Criminals Do

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Committing crimes in itself is dumb, but there are some cases that just make my jaw drop when I see how dumb criminals can be. Sometimes the stupidest moves are what lead to criminals getting caught — like them bragging about their crimes online. And sometimes the crimes themselves would baffle most minds.

Let’s take a look as some examples of dumb criminals and the stupid, or silly, things they did that landed them in trouble with the law.

YouTube Admission

Hannah Sabata is a 19 year old who robbed a bank and stole a Pontiac. Then she posted a YouTube video about how she robbed a bank and stole a Pontiac. I’m sure the cops were very thankful for the help in finding out who it was. Admitting to a crime you’ve committed on the internet is a good way to get picked up fast.

Food Stamps for Drugs

A couple in Phoenix walked into a grocery store and attempted to trade food stamps with other shoppers for drugs. Now, unless you know a dealer specifically, you won’t typically find grocery shoppers carrying drugs. A police officer was called to get rid of them because customers were complaining.

The woman made the unfortunate mistake of trying to run from the officer however, and he had to tackle her. She repeatedly tried to get away (a total of 3 times) and was tackled each time. In the end the woman was booked on resisting arrest, escape, and disorderly conduct. Surprisingly nothing came up about their unlawful use of food stamps, which is a federal crime.

food stamps
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Ambulance Theft

When you’re being released after being arrested for something, I would think most people would want to steer clear of doing anything illegal for at least a few hours. Not in Cesar Garcia’s case apparently.

Mr. Garcia had just been processed at the police station for drinking beer inside a grocery store. He had no ride home and promptly decided to steal an ambulance. Where did he do that? Right outside the police station. The police met him at his home and arrested him again before he got into his house.


Sometimes the dumb moves don’t come until after an arrest. Christopher Snow was arrested for robbing a gun store in Denver, Colorado. When he was taken back to the sheriff’s office for questioning, the investigators stepped out of the room. When they came back, Snow was gone.

It didn’t take much thought to realize the position of the chair though, and Snow was apprehended above the drop ceiling tiles of the room, where he had nowhere to go.

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A man in a wheelchair was caught setting trashcans on fire. He was 60 years old. His fire-starting was reported multiple times at different places.

When police asked him about it, he said he lit them because he was cold. This would typically be a reasonable excuse in my mind. However, the temperature for the day was 115 degrees.

trash fire
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Everyone does dumb things sometimes, but you would think if someone was going to commit a crime, they’d put a little more thought into it. Dumb criminals exist all over the world though. Why don’t you leave a comment and tell us your favorite example?

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