Game Controllers For Gamers

If you have seen serious gamers, you would notice they do not just play their games, gaming is a passion with them. They do everything possible to win their games, including using cheat codes. Now there are better and more powerful tools known as game controllers, which is the name given to a tool that lets the player control the game better and are proving to be invaluable. These tools have been created for fanatical gamers who would do anything to get closer to gaming glory.

Hook, Line and Sinker: The best part about games is that one can do everything they are not good at in real life, like fishing. Angling has its share of staunch devotees in the gaming world. Gaming accessory manufacturers have created controllers that look and function exactly like fishing rods. Sega’s version for the Dream Cast is multi-functional and can be used not just as a fishing rod but also for playing tennis games. This tool uses the latest technology and all the player has to do is wave the controller around and press the necessary buttons to get the rod moving on the screen.

Caged Fight: For intense gamers who find just moving their fingers for playing a game not exciting enough, the Dream Machine created by Robert James-Herbert is truly a dream come true. This is a computer game control simulation system that comprises of a steel cage with small points. Players have to stand inside the cage and use their bodies to control the action on the screen. For example, if the player tilts, the vehicle on the screen tilts. It is compatible with every platform. This is one of the most amazing tools a gamer can possess. The only drawback is the price, which is slightly on the higher side at $1,700. But it is certainly worth it for players who look for a real-life gaming experience.

Future Shock: There are a couple of choices that take gaming a step ahead by actually allowing the player to “feel”. With the Mindwire Shock System, players will connect electrodes to their bodies and can actually feel the shocks and other feelings, depending on the performance. When using the Falcon, the player can feel the recoil from the gun. It is very important to note that these tools are meant for the strong at heart and not to be used by the weak hearted.

Gun Control: Konami has come out with a thrilling tool for first person shooters, which means games where the player is sitting behind a gun shooting at the bad people. To alleviate the boredom out of sitting there just pressing the gamepad, Konami has introduced Laser Scope, which is a controller that fits around the player’s head and has a microphone. The player can shout “fire” into it and the amazing thing about this is the small patch over the eye that gives a much better aim.

Chainsaw Massacre: Imagine using chainsaws to rip those game figures apart. It does sound gross and monstrous, but for gamers, this can be an adrenalin pumping experience. One of the best controllers that brings this feeling as close to reality as possible is NubyTech’s resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller. It produces a hair-raising rumble that sounds like a real chainsaw.

Think Tank: This one is in the idea stage currently and has not taken shape yet. However, the idea itself is so wonderful and futuristic that it needs a mention, and it is certain to have gamers waiting for its release. Emotiv System has come up with an idea of creating a wireless headset equipped with sensors that detect the thoughts of a gamer and the game is played based on those thoughts. How much better can it get?

Think of Force Dynamics’ 30: This is a massive game controlling system that comes complete with an LCD projection screen, motion sensors, audio system and weighs 700 pounds. The cost is a huge $35,000. This may not be for everybody, but looking at the price tag, cannot help but wonder what sort of a gaming experience it will be.

These powerful gaming tools can change the way games are played. Innovation is the name of the game. Gaming accessory manufacturers compete with each other and everyday something new hits the market. Gamers are certainly not complaining.

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