If recent Blackberry ads are to be believed, a handheld is all a small business owner needs to set up shop and keep operations running. This might be true for a few select businesses that don’t rely heavily on technology, but I can’t think of which ones. Most businesses need full computer systems, but a good handheld is a huge convenience for those business owners.

Handhelds are small, portable computers that can literally fit in the palm of your hand. They used to contain only simple software programs, but now have been combined with mobile phone technology to become entire media systems. They can access the internet, download music, allow you to check your email and make a few phone calls all away from the home or office.

Handhelds have become much more complex and the features available are enough to possibly run an office, but the tiny screen and keyboard would make it complicated to send more than a single line via email or check your flight information.

Handhelds and the Internet
The most impressive feature of a handheld in the modern workplace is the access to the internet. Files can be downloaded or sent. Videos can be watched in the palm of your hand. Most importantly, email can be taken with you while you walk or travel.

Email has all but replaced the phone and fax for simple, routine tasks. It is becoming even more common for emergency and pressing issues. It is rare to fax anything that is stored on the computer as sending it as an attachment takes seconds and makes data easier to manipulate.

Being able to get email anytime- anywhere- is terrific. It allows business owners to move with the speed of technology and keep up to date on company operations regardless of time or location. With clients and associates all over the world, this feature is more important than ever before.

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