Hot Toys For Boys – Unique Gizmos!

Men have always been fascinated by the snazziest car, grand house and the best cell-phone. These things are no longer sufficient to keep the modern man satisfied, in fact, nothing conventional is considered a status symbol anymore.

Here are a few of the latest and ultra expensive gizmos that are “cool” to own and every man would love to get his hands on.

Luvaglio’s Million Dollar Laptop

Imagine owning a laptop that is worth one million dollars. This is what separates the men from the boys. You may want to know what exactly there is in the laptop for it to cost that much. For one thing, its motorized box opens itself and reveals the laptop, which is all wood, leather and precious metal exterior. The power button that is used to activate the machine, is a unique colored “diamond.” It comes with a 17-inch backlit LED screen and 128 GB storage. The geekiness in you would love the integrated cleaner this million dollar laptop boasts of.

Cost: One Million Dollars

Sony SRXS110 Projector

This is a high resolution projector that gives a different angle to your enjoyment and watching home movies cannot get any better. It has a display resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels and the capacity to display several high-definition images at once. This projector is designed to play digital cinema and has a projection speed of 60 frames per second. Although, most films do not need this kind of quality, the advantage with this projector is that it can improve the resolution of poor images too.

Cost: Between $70,000 to $100,000

Formula 1 Mouse Pad

For computer geeks who have a passion for accessorizing their computers, this is a dream come true, albeit an expensive dream where mouse pads go. The Formula 1 mouse pad is handmade by the makers of Formula 1 car bodies and are designed using the 3D modeling software they use to design the cars. This mouse pad is created out of carbon fiber that has been polished. It has an embedded leather surface for the usage area and has Italian black suede at the back. For people who look for class, it is all there in this 360 degrees of sleek elegance.

Cost: $500

Kaleidescape’s Rack-Mounted 3U Server

For men who are not satisfied with MP3 players or little radios, there is something more hard-core. This server looks like a simple silver and black box from the outside but the amount of entertainment it can store cannot be imagined. This 9 terabytes server has been designed to store uncompressed high quality movies and music. It can store an unbelievable 15,000 CDs or 1340 DVDs. It has the capacity to store 1250 CDs or 112 ripped DVDs on a basic 750GB configuration RAID hard-disk array. This 3U server can also fit into home entertainment systems and the best part is that it is highly scalable and will continue running even after a drive failure, without losing any content. If this does not give you the high, then nothing else can.

Cost: $20,000 for the basic 750GB

Barco’s LC-5621

This has been designed to be used in professional applications as well as for families who are couch-potatoes. This is a 56-inch diagonal LCD quad full high definition (3824 x 2160) resolution screen that delivers, clear, crisp and perfectly colored images. The huge display screen with its two dual link DVI ports allows you to view up to four videos of 1080 pixels at the same time. Because of the 176 degree viewing angle, everyone does not have to crowd in front of it and can comfortably watch the screen from different angles. The 6.5ms grey-to-grey response time gives fantastic quality to images on all the four feeds. The LCD technology used provides excellent benefits such as high brightness, high contrast, low power consumption and a long life.

Cost: $40,000

For connoisseurs of all things grand, these glamorous products will make the impossible possible. They may be expensive, but if you would like to own some of these hot toys, it is worth going for them, even if it is just to make you feel good and satisfy that urge within you.

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