How to Watch Price Until It Drops

Watch PriceHave you ever come across the product you would love to buy … if you had enough money for that? I’ll bet everyone has. In order to find the suitable price you are forced to drive from store to store or check back the price comparison sites again and again in the hope the price has dropped.

Luckily, nowadays we have a better, more convenient solution – a set of various price-watching tools that will monitor the product you want to buy and notify you as soon as its price drops to fit your needs (unless you want it for free of course).

Let’s overview those handy free tools that might come quite in handy – it is all about what other features (along with price-watching) you expect to see in the tool. The table below lists 4 most awesome shopping tools that allow to monitor the product price and have more handy features as well:

Receive SMS alerts Trackle
More tracking options Yotify
User Generated + Community
Social media features PriceGrabber

Trackle is a comparatively new free feature-rich tool that allows to track any product price. Just give it the direct product URL, your target price and the period of time when you would be interested in. The tool also offers to set the notification frequency and even the mobile SMS option.

Trackle Price

Along with price tracking, Trackle offers a variety of monitoring options for a smart online shopper:

  • Track sales on Craigslist: locate the best deal ever by monitoring Craigslist;
  • Track new entries on the New York Times Best Seller List: Find out when the NYT Best Seller List includes a new book and be the first to suggest it at book club!
  • Track store specials: find out about deals and sales from over 500 stores.
  • Track deals on Amazon to find out when their prices fall within a price range you’re willing to pay.
  • Track availability of a rare book on Amazon;
  • Track deals on monitor prices from thousands of online merchants to find the best deal for an item you’re seeking.

Yotify is another cool tracking utility that watches the product price for you on, eBay or Amazon. It offers handy notification options and report lifetime:

Yotify Price Alert

Yotify also allows to track LifeHacker, Craigslist, as well as any site you’d wish to get email updates from.

BeatThat! (already mentioned by me here) is a user-driven website of deal hunters who compete with each other by fetching lowest prices they were able to locate throughout the Internet. Not only the site allows to easier find the best deal, it also offers you to earn money by being a bargain hunter: most active and reliable members are paid for finding great deals.

The price drop notification looks as follows:

Beatthat Price Alert

Along with price monitoring feature, the site offers quite a few useful options: store ratings, user reviews, price comparison, etc.

PriceGrabber is the huge portal for budget shoppers allowing to locate the best price available on the net. PriceGrabber price drop notification looks like this:

PriceGrabber Alert

Apart from price-watching, you’ll find various nice social shopping features here:

  • Create wish lists;
  • Share your experiences and shopping lists with friends;
  • Discuss deals and stores.

Post image by Lordcolus.