Is it Possible to Catch Happiness?

Happiness is a great feeling that gives us the desire to live. Having lost a friend or loved one, or just having the blues, can make it seem almost impossible that you will ever be happy again, smile again, or love again. Is it possible to catch happiness by looking at a simple photo, being reminded of this wonderful feeling from the picture taken? Just like a battery you can gather positive charges from the captured moments of happiness of others and keep them close to your heart. I’d like to share this happiness photostream with everyone who feels lonely, disillusioned, or sad. Life is beautiful no matter what, but sometimes we have to fight for our happiness.

Photo by ~Louve87

Photo by iulian nistea

Photo by Rishi Menon

Photo by Jer Kunz

Photo by lanier67

Photo by Susan NYC

Photo by M. Angel Herrero

Photo by ~tamnesam

Photo by ~husnucelik

Photo by ~oofer

Photo by Sabrina Campagna

Photo by a4gpa

Photo by Camilla Ferrari