Latest Games That Offer A Glorious Experience!

Most American kids play video games, however, the center of the game market has shifted older and that is because the first generation gamers continue to play into their adulthood. Such is the magnetism of a good video game. There is a great demand for good games from all age groups and the creators of these games keep releasing improved versions of games to keep players’ excitement alive.

Here are a few of the latest releases that are considered to be some of the best and provide the excitement needed in a game:

GRID for Xbox 360

The fuel prices are scary and can deviate anyone from their roady aspirations. But a far better alternative is to burn the road and the rubber, speeding along miles of digital asphalt with GRID.

GRID is a well-made racer that outshines almost all other racers with its brilliant cinematic flair and tremendous handling mechanism. It not only manages to perfect the most basic elements of the past, but also shifts the gears of innovation to an all new high with the fantastic flashback system and scores with a superb visual presentation. It takes players to different race locations in three continents. Players compete on the most prestigious race tracks on power packed race cars, then go on to compete in competitions that are city-based, through to road races and urban street races.

There is a lengthy career mode where it is possible to earn stacks of cash and reputation points by competing in events and challenges. The basic mantra is to earn more by winning more and go deeper into the game.

All these features can be accessed online and they work perfectly. Races are fast, fiery and exhilarating. The game has a flashback system, which allows the player to literally rewind and resume action whenever possible. It saves a lot of time as there is no need to restart the game every time because of a silly mistake.

The only area it falters a bit is in the customization and fine tuning department. If we can call it that, the negative aspect is that the player cannot tweak the engines at all. Only the paint and the color pattern can be changed.

Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 – Guns of the patriots

For gamers, Hideo Kojima and his Metal Gear Franchise holds a special place and is in great demand. MGS4 was one of the most highly anticipated 3D games, so much so that this game was considered as the sole reason for buying Sony’s next generation console. It has been touted as the system seller even before it was released and now that it’s out, gamers say that all expectations have been exceeded and that the Snake’s last ordeal turns out to be a great gaming experience.

This is one of the most technically stunning video games ever made. Great cinematics combined with a great gameplay is what makes this game very impressive.

The Beauty and the Beast unit has a bunch of gorgeous blood-thirsty bitches and the most venomous bosses that the Snake has ever faced. Snake himself is not a middle aged warrior as he was previously, and because of the side effects of the modified DNA, has now begun to age prematurely and has to cope with stiff joints. As the story goes from one height to another, the juxtaposition of formidable bosses with Snake’s deteriorating body condition create the tension that makes this game exciting.

There have been complaints from gamers about the long duration of the cut scenes, but it looks like Kojima wanted to make sure that this game leaves a long lasting impression on the player.

Metal Gear online is fairly good and supports 16 players, but the problem with the online game is that it is region locked. It means a player will have to have two discs for the same region to be able to play online.

Ninja Gaiden II for Xbox 360

This is said to provide one of the best action experiences. Ninjas are known for their venomosity, methodical and strange fighting styles, accuracy, sense of purpose, coyness and lightning speed. Ninja Gaiden II comes with a brand new health replenishing/recharge system and the game is extremely challenging and demands a lot of practice in effective weapon usage and the true martial arts style fights.

There are several improvements in terms of better checkpoints and the player does not have to fight 100 Ninjas stashed like pigeons on the loose in a closed room every time the player dies.

Although the visual quality is not legendary compared to the standard set by the previous Ninja Gaiden games, it is still at par with the games of today.

There is no MP in Gaiden II but it comes with decent online features, such as leader boards where the player can compare the performance with others. Another good feature is the Halo like theater that allows the player to share full action game play videos or clips with friends.

Ardent players say that there are a couple of holes in the game; one is the platform issue that comprises of running, jumping along and leaping through walls. Players are said to witness a few loading problems too when doing these things. The previously present camera movement problem still exists.

Apart from these issues, Ninja Gaiden II provides a great gaming experience.

These games are some of the best that have been released recently and for those shopping for games for themselves or as a surprise for their kids, these high-excitement games can be checked out.

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