Mac OS X Leopard

If you’re a Mac user, you might already know that the Vista alternative has been released. Leopard has been released and is getting great reviews by industry experts. This is directly the opposite of Microsoft Vista which is still struggling to endear itself in the hearts of most users.

The new Mac operating system is priced affordably as operating systems go. It ranges from $129-199, but for the money there are definitely some perks. As of the time of the release, there are four features that really stand out from the standard components of any Apple operating system.

Web History
If you forgot to bookmark a site and it isn’t easy to find in your history, you now have an extra option. Leopard can help you find recently visited websites. You can just type in a single word or phrase and Leopard starts looking and lists the matches you’ve visited recently. The really advantageous aspect of the search is that Leopard will actually consider more than just the title and tags. It actually will scan the content of the page to match keywords. Now it can find just about anything – even if you can’t remember more than a topic.

Wikipedia and Dictionary
Leopard is simply smarter than other operating systems. Leopard integrates the dictionary and condensed versions of Wikipedia into the actual OS making it simple to find a definition, spelling or background information whether you are actually online or off. All of the information you need to get you started on any topic is already included without going online to search. The Wikipedia summaries are much easier to glance through and locate the basic information you seek than the full online entries which can often be cumbersome.

Email RSS
With Leopard, you can now send your RSS feeds directly to your email inbox. This isn’t anything particularly dramatic while you are online, but the RSS feeds bring not only the latest titles and releases, but download the entire document into your inbox so you can actually read up-to-date news and updates while you are offline or on any gadget that accepts your email. Now you can be fully connected anytime…without actually being connected.

Web Clips
Web clips let you skip opening up new browser windows every time you want to check out something new, especially videos, online. The Safari web browser lets you install widgets that link you to your favorite video sites. Once these are installed, you can hop online and head directly to your videos without any side trips or search through Favorites.

Of course there will be countless new additions and tweaks to the operating system as time goes on. But with benefits already far superior to other new operating systems, there is little question, at least for Apple users, if the new Mac Leopard is right for you.

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