Most Awesome Lamp Designs – Light Up Your Interior

Creative lampsI am no designer but I believe light is the most important component of the interior.

Lamp designs are numerous – I did not attempt to create an ultimate overview as this is quite impossible.

This post looks at most creative and extraordinary ones – if you know of more unique lamp designs, let me know and I’ll add them!

This little table lamp serves as a mini green house. It creates its own atmosphere inside to keep your plants happy (via

mini green house lamp

Jeeves Wooster is a top-hat-like light that looks both extravagant and classic (via

Jeeves Wooster light

An eye lamp looks both weird and I’d say scaring but it can fit in a corresponding interior (via


A lamp and a bookmark in one: simple and incredibly useful (if you still read books offline): via

Boolmark lamp

The Wireless Illumination spheres can be placed in a bathtub or a pool to illuminate water to add to your relaxation (via

Wireless Illumination

Bamboo Light is an illumination system comprised of light segments that may be combined to build a personal type of lamp for each user. Thanks to BLS combining system, the same segments may be used to build floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and wall lamps. (via

Bamboo Light

Sphere table lamp would fit great in a clean contemporary design (via

Sphere lamp

An exquisite modification to one of those products that we never usually pay attention to: a light bulb appears to attach to the socket sideways (via


Titanic lamp: it’s like you take an ordinary thing and turn it upside down (via bltd):

Titanic lamp

The Black and Blum bedside reading light features polished zinc-plated arms and legs and 40 watt silver crown reflector bulbs (supplied) which make up the body. (via

Bedside light

Pernilla Jansson’s lamp is a draping cord of light that hangs on the beams. (via

Pernilla Jansson's lamp

The melting lamp is a cool example of the intricate lampshade form (via

Melting Light

Another awesome interpretation of a drop: the intensity of the light is intuitively controlled by the tap (the more you twist, the more light you get) – via

The light drop

A unique glowing lamp impresses by its original design (via

Glowing lamp

LULL lamp is a great fun: like flower it opens during the day and closes at night (via

LULL lamp

A simple and striking wall lamp that loves to climb beside your bed to act as an effective reading light (via

Climbing lamp

Post image by apesara