Mouth Watering Christmas Cookies

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas holiday as a child was baking cookies with the family. The smell of cookies baking was a staple for the holiday season. We always made the traditional cookies — rolled and cut out sugar cookies and chocolate chip for example. But there are countless varieties of Christmas cookie recipes out there.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own Christmas cookies this year, check out this photostream. It just might leave your mouth watering.


This gorgeous collection features Christmas cookies and more with a brownie, dipped shortbread, a coconut thumbprint with raspberry jam, and some truffles. -- Credit: Liz (via Flickr)
These appear to be frosted sugar cookies. Chocolate serves as a perfect frosting for reindeer cookies. -- Credit: F_A (via Flickr)
Check out these beautiful stained glass cookies, made with melted hard candies in the center. -- Credit: Gillian (via Flickr)
Here are some more great examples of frosted sugar cookies -- a popular Christmas cookie choice. -- Credit: kristin_a
Thumbprint cookies often have jam in the middle, but another option for chocolate lovers is to add a Hershey's Kiss. -- Credit: Jo Naylor
Alongside these chocolate chip cookies appear to be chocolate oatmeal cookies. -- Credit: edkohler (via Flickr)
Here are some simple round sugar cookies, decorated with sprinkles and colored sugar rather than icing. -- Credit: Aniket Thakur (via Flickr)
These sachertorte cookies are a Viennese addition to our list. -- Credit: Shes Not There (via Flickr)
I never would have thought to use gingerbread for snowflake cookies. But the coarse sugar and icing combo really make the design pop on the darker background. Lovely! -- Credit: evanrudemi (via Flickr)
These cranberry nut cookies make for an easy drop cookie recipe. -- Credit: Katrin Morenz (via Flickr)
Oatmeal raisin cookies can be popular year-round, but they make for an excellent addition to your Christmas cookie list. -- Credit: Katrin Morenz (via Flickr)
Other than the sugar cookies in the back, I'm not sure what most of these Christmas cookies are. But they sure do look delicious! -- Credit: F_A (via Flickr)
These jam-filled cookie sandwiches are lovely with a dusting of confectioner's sugar. -- Credit: Thomas Wenger (via Flickr)
If you want to get more creative with your sugar cookie dough, try these pinwheels or checkerboard designs. -- Credit: Nancy Sims (via Flickr)
What's not to love about this collection of Turkish Christmas cookies? -- Credit: Like_the_Grand_Canyon (via Flickr)
Gingerbread men can be fun cookies to make with kids. They can be eaten plain or decorated to look as whimsical as you'd like. -- Credit: a m lewis (via Flickr)
These cookies appear to be snickerdoodles -- one of my personal favorites. -- Credit: nerissa's ring (via Flickr)
In addition to some cookies we've seen before, this lovely collection also features coconut macaroons and peanut butter cookies. -- Credit: R.B. Boyer (via Flickr)
Here are some more beautiful jam-filled holiday cookies. -- Credit: Andreas Cappell
Remember the cookies we saw with a chocolate kiss on top? These are similar, but appear to be sugar cookies with a Hershey's Hug instead (maybe peppermint?). -- Credit: Jack (via Flickr)

Some of my favorite Christmas cookies are snickerdoodles and spritz cookies. What are your favorites? Share links to photos of this year’s cookies you’ve made or to your favorite recipes in the comments below.

Written by
Jennifer Mattern
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