The Art of Paying Nothing

The art of paying nothingSo you don’t want to spend money but you still want some new staff. The desire is quite understandable but sounds unrealistic.

Well, actually, this is quite possible; and here are two ways to get something for free:

1. Free Offers

Ok, we have previously said that there’s nothing absolutely free under the sun but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a smart freebie hunter.

Why is it such a great idea?

  • You become a smarter shopper (taking advantage of many free offers, you try a lot of products and can compare their quality, prices, etc. You are also quick at learning about and trying new products and their benefits);
  • You learn to save (freebies are often offered along with coupons. By becoming a smart freebie hunter, you also learn to find and take advantage of good timely deals).


ListFreeSamples is one of the best examples: it has a clear interface and structure: freebies are sorted into various categories like make-up, pet supplies, clothes, etc:

List Free Samples

2. Do-It-Yourself

Has it ever occurred to you that you can make plenty of things you buy at home? Yes, this takes much time but why not spend less time watching TV and sitting in front of the community (twittering) and use it to make something valuable?

Why is it such a great idea?

The three best things about DIY is that:

  1. It is free;
  2. It is fun (especially if you take the opportunity to spend some valuable time with your family doing things together);
  3. It is eco-friendly (because you recycle old stuff).


This blog I stumbled across recently lists an overwhelming number of DIY gadgets made from total waste, take these DIY iPhone docks and stands or this zipped plastic bottle box as examples. The resource has been a constant source of inspiration to me!

Plastic bottle box

3. To Conclude: Avoid Scams

Getting something for free is always nice but for one important things: many scammers take advantage of the fact that people love free stuff. Therefore you should be aware of the fact that there is much scam in the freebie area.

Whenever you are offered something for free, make sure to research if the offer is valid.

Considering you have received an offer by email, here’s a quick infographic for you to make sure the offer is valid:

Freebie scams

If in the end you arrived to “Give it a try” box, you may also consider running a quick search in Google to learn more about the free offer provider.

So feel safe when hunting for free stuff – good luck!

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