The Attractive Slim Phone – The Good And The Bad!

A size zero figure is part of the slim wave the world is going through and it does not end with having a slim body; it extends to all the gadgets one owns, so much so that owning a slim phone attracts envious and admiring glances. Apart from that, who would really prefer carrying a device that fills up the pocket with an awkward bulge? The craze for slim phones is growing each day and most phones are going on a diet to cater to the increasing demand.

Previously, consumers did not have as much choice as they do now. With a wide variety of slim phones in beautiful chic colors and trendy designs, consumers are spoilt for choice.

What is it about slim phones that attracts people? The looks obviously! What consumers do not remember when getting a slim phone is the fact that they are paying a whole lot more for fewer features.

It would help to understand what one is getting into before picking one up.

The advantages of owning a slim phone are:

Look: Slim phones in their svelte figures look better than all the bulky phones and are considered more as a fashion accessory.

Portability: Slim phones being slim, are obviously easy to carry around when compared to the bulky phones. They can be carried by fitting easily in the pocket of their jeans or even in a wallet. A slim phone will not bend the user’s neck under its weight, even when hung around the neck.

There are also some minuses that a consumer needs to look into:

Battery: This is something that takes away the charm of the slim phone. They do not have the capacity to live up to the expectations set by their larger and heavier cousins that use batteries with a higher capacity. Slim phones usually have a 600 to 800mAh Li-ion battery; although, there are certain exceptions like Nokia E51 that comes with a 1080mAh Li-ion battery, which can last for up to two days.

Keypad: The keypad in most slim phones is not convenient to use, because of the small or flat keys that are integrated within the phone body. The small keys make it very difficult to type messages or even to dial numbers.

Camera: The quality in most slim phones is said to be not so great; although some of them come with a 3MP camera.

Sound: Slim phones are usually fitted with single speakers, which give out low volume.

Once a decision is made to go in for a slim phone, after understanding what it entails, the next step is to check out the best phones in the market. Towards this end, the following slim phones all have a thickness of less than 13mm. After all it is a slim phone we are after!

Let us take a look at some of the better slim phones available in the market today:

• HTC Touch Diamond – 11.5mm thick, 900 mAh battery that lasts one day
• LG KF510 – 10.9mm, 800mAh battery
• LG KS20 – 12.8mm, 1050mAh battery
• Motofone F3 – 9mm thick, battery lasts for two days
• Motorola RAZR 2 – 770mAh battery
• Motorola Q9H – 11.8mm, 1170mAh battery lasting two days
• Nokia E51 – 1050mAh battery
• Nokia 5310 – 9.9mm, 860mAh battery
• Nokia 6500 Classic – 9.5mm, 830mAh battery
• Samsung F490 – 11.8mm, 880mAh battery
• Samsung J150 – 800mAh battery
• Samsung U900 Soul – 12.9mm, 880 mAh battery
• Se W8901 – 9.9mm, excellent battery that gives 8 hours of talk time
• Se T6501 – 12.5mm, one day battery life

With so much choice available for consumers, it depends on the style and features each one looks for in their device, to complement their professional and personal lives. Whether it is the bling factor, the color or the trendy style, there is room for everyone in the slim phone market.

One thing a slim phone promises is to provide style and elegance, with its svelte body and beautiful contours.

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