The Ten Coolest LEGO-Inspired Products On Sale

For generations, Lego blocks have been a source of enjoyment for kids all around the world. The innovative design was the first of its kind, providing an easy but secure snap-together process that allowed for much more advanced building at any level of experience. Since the late 1950’s, that interlocking system has made Lego the most popular building block of all time, unmatched by any of their competitors.

I think that every kid can look back and remember the first time they were given a Lego blocks set. Whether it was one of the giant tubs of bricks with a builders manual like I had in my time, or the specialty sets with Star Wars or Harry Potter figurines that my children play with now, that is a shared experience between people of all ages.

But Lego has inspired more than nostalgia. They have also managed to launch thousands of different products from companies that use the block design for new purposes. Here is a list of the top ten (in my opinion) of Lego-oriented items that are on sale right now.

1. Lego Ice Cubes

Lego Ice Cubes

Want a way to spice up the old scotch on the rocks? Looking for a little more playful touch for the ice tea you are serving your friends at this year’s summer block party?

You can purchase ice trays from the Lego store, Amazon, or anywhere that sells Lego products that make ice cubes in the shape of blocks. The trays are dishwasher save and made of a flexible silicone base that makes it easy to twist out the cubes without snapping it in half like a plastic holder.

If you would prefer to make your own, Geek Dad on Wired did an excellent DIY demonstration.

2. Lego Brick Bag

Lego Brick Bag

While it isn’t so easy to find at this point, there is an excellent Lego brick bag that has provided both fashion for the geek chic chick, and functionality. Finding the two is a rarity, especially when it comes to handbags (or traveling), and so I was thrilled when I saw this. It comes in a blue color similar to the classic Lego shade.

Each “stud” with the logo is a separate compartment with a zipper. The top has two types of handles: one for a clutch, and one for over the shoulder.

3. Lego Sofa

Lego Sofa

I personally love any kind of furniture that is adaptable. It makes it so much easier to change up your look without forking out too much cash to do it. This is easy remodeling 101, which is why I was thrilled to find a sofa literally made of rubberized foam Lego blocks. These can be broken apart and put back together into new shapes.

This is great for changing the look of your living room, or just opening up more space or creating seating. It is also cheap for a sofa, priced at less than $500.

4. Lego Soap

Lego Soap

I love Etsy, and I frequently shop from their sellers. Anything unique makes me intensely happy, so even though this soap has been sold I thought I would share it with all the builder geeks out there.

As you can see, each piece was crafted to look like a small block. Every color has an individual scent to match it. They have red, yellow, green, blue, and for some reason a light beige.

5. Lego Candles

Lego Candles

These are a bit pricey for my taste, but the idea is cool. They are basically Lego brick candles that measure about 7” x 3” x 3”. This makes them a decent size, but they cost $48 a piece, which might not be worth it for anyone but the more avid collector.

They do make a pretty good decorating item for a game room, though.

6. Lego Desktop Calender

Lego Desktop Calender

Looking for something for your office, or maybe your study at home? Perhaps your kid needs something to spruce up the desk in their room? This calender is fantastic, made of three different Lego bricks with the month, day and numerical date.

They can be stacked, removed or changed around, just like real Legos, and they come in three different colors. You can buy them for under $30 here.

7. Lego Magnets

Lego Magnets

If you want something Lego for the fridge, make yourself a brick jello mold. If you want something for the outside of the fridge, check out these awesome magnets.

They come in multiple colors and are strong enough to hold a couple of pieces of heavy paper without sliding. They also come with several per pack, though sadly you can’t build with them. Wouldn’t that be cool?

8. Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

Lego Star Wars Alarm Clock

Saving the best for last, this is the coolest alarm clock I have ever seen. Featuring a Wookie and a Storm Trooper over a retro styled Star Wars theme clock, it comes with a standard Lego top for building or just setting the figures. The face also features a cartoon rendition of the two characters.

It is a great gift for any geeky Star Wars fanatic you know, or for yourself if you remember the days of playing Jedi Knight in your room with your action figures.

9. Lego Radiator

Lego Radiator

What an awesome addition to one’s geeky interior! They say, those LEGO-like projections work great spreading the heat with their enhanced surface area.

10. Lego Star Wars Football Table

Lego Star Wars Foosball Table

The whole table is made of LEGO bricks: how cool is that?!

Many More!

Lego is one of the most influential cultural phenomenon of the last several decades. Still a best seller, it is no wonder that so many products have been made in its image. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. A quick Google search will bring you dozens, maybe hundreds, more. Check it out for yourself, and keep the tradition alive.

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