Apple iPhone 4 photo with Social Media Apps Visible
Credit: ©Depositphotos/seewhatmitchsee

Top 20 Free iPhone Applications From Apple!

Apple iPhone 4 photo with Social Media Apps Visible
Credit: ©Depositphotos/seewhatmitchsee

The iPhone applications are nothing short of amazing because they leverage the groundbreaking technology in iPhone – like the GPA, 3D positional audio, real-time 3D graphics, the accelerometer and the Multi-Touch interface. You just have to tap into the App Store, choose and download from thousands of applications available.

Apple recently listed its top 20 free apps and top 20 paid apps for the iPhone, based solely on the popularity, which means the number of downloads from their App Store.

Take a look at the top 20 free apps in the exact order as ranked by Apple:


This one is for social networking fans and is #1 in free apps. Facebook app can be downloaded at the iTunes app store for free. You have the chat facility, friend requests, check your friends photos, upload photos, full news feeds, notifications, news feed commends, your entire inbox etc.

Google Earth

Compatible with iPhone (2.0 software update) and iPod Touch, this app enables users to view the exact aerial imagery similar to the one available for the desktop version. You can view photos from around the world, search for businesses, cities and places, view mountainous terrain with just a tilt of the phone, geo-located Wikipedia articles and many more.

Pandora Radio

Stream music on your iPhone using this app! You can just use the name of the artist or the song and Pandora will instantly create a station to play that music. You can create stations based on the genre, read artist bios, store recently played songs and play song samples.

Tap Tap Revenge

Games continue to be extremely popular on iPhone. Tap Tap Revenge is a touch-based music game that has a guitar-hero like interface and this app is so popular that it is used by about 32% of users.


When you hear a song and wonder what that song is, you turn to Shazam. It is a lovely app, where you just hold your iPhone to the music and Shazam gets back to you with the track name and the artist within seconds.


If you’re tired of playing puzzle games on your iPhone, this handheld version of the classic arcade game allows you to navigate through mazes, chomp through fruits and dots and gobbling scary ghosts. This free version gives you the first stage of the game.


You can customize your iPhone background with this app. You can choose between backgrounds that are recent, popular and by category. You can view previews of cool backgrounds for your iPhone and choose the one you like.

Touch Hockey FS5

Enjoy air hockey on your iPhone now and the beautiful animations of this game make it a great experience. If you had a cool play and want to view it all again, you can do that with the instant replay feature. The Wi-Fi mode allows you to play with your friends too.

Labyrinth Lite Edition

This is a “must” download as it is nothing like other maze games. It has ten levels of play and you just have to tilt the iPhone in different directions to control the ball. The controls are excellent and make it easy to place the ball on the screen. This fun game is perfect to keep yourself or your kids occupied.


This app transforms your phone into a flashlight. If you’re traveling at night and need to find something in your car, this can come very handy. There are several color options too.


This app can prove to be very useful during road travel. It can help you find good restaurants in the area, wherever you are, based on your cravings.


Enter your zip code and look up movies in the local area by movie name or theater and more. Once you select a movie; the running time, show time, rating and genre will be displayed. The beauty of this app is that you can view the trailer, buy tickets and even ask for a map to the theater.


Imagine being able to enjoy Wii style bowling using your iPhone. With the help of the built in accelerometer, the iPhone can now be used to bowl.

Lightsaber Unleashed

Lightsaber Unleashed is an iPhone app that was around earlier and was extremely popular. Then it had to be taken down. But it’s back now in a far better form; with multiple characters to choose from, music and better sound effects. You also have a choice in colors as well as the type of Lightsaber. It’s probably one of the most fun applications for your iPhone.

Sol Free Solitaire

Sol Free is developed by the software company Smallware. While the paid version has 40 card games, the free version comes with 6. One of the best features is the ability to review statistics, take mental notes and attempt to beat your previous stats. If you are obsessed with winning, you also have the option to restart the game.

MySpace Mobile

Access your entire MySpace account using your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can search the network and add friends, compose mail, delete mail and send bulletin blasts to all friends. You can upload and share pictures too.

Virtual Zippo Lighter

It may not actually provide much real life use, but it’s a fun app. As the name suggests, you have access to a virtual Zippo lighter. Just flick your wrist to open the Zippo and turn your thumb to get the flame started. If you sway your iPhone, you can see the windproof flame react accordingly. The best part is being able to blow it out.

The Weather Channel

Weather changes in a minute and you need to be prepared. Although, there is a standard weather application in iPhone; the Weather Channel will provide with the weather conditions, radar maps and long-term forecasts of the exact location you are in.

Bubble Wrap

If you are addicted to popping bubble wraps from packages, then you will love this game. All you have to do with this is pop bubbles as fast as you can, before the time runs out. Well, some of the bubbles may also re-inflate, so be careful. This free app has won the 2008 iPhone excellence award and also Apple iTunes 2008 favorite picks.


This app turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into remote controls, where you can control iTunes on your computer or Apple TV. Do everything from your iPhone or iPod Touch, as if you were in front of your computer. It works with your Wi-Fi network.

The best thing about App Store is that there are not too many barriers to enter and download all the free apps you may need. There are so many great apps to choose from, that your iPhone or iPod Touch will never be the same again.

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