Watch Highlights of AMD, Samsung and Sony at CES 2020

The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show formally kicked-off in Las Vegas on Tuesday but several tech giants revealed details during their press conference on Monday.

Almost 8,000 sets were set up for exhibition by various manufacturers including new smart appliances, cameras, phones and other tech accessories.

While most of these brands gave mainstream press exclusive access to their press conferences, a few actually offered live-streaming for interested viewers.


AMD’s press conference took place on Monday at 2pm PT or 5pm ET. The company said it will make 2020 an “unforgettable” year for consumers and creators alike. Click here to watch their stream.


The conference kiked off at 6:30pm PT or 9:30pm ET on its dedicated site and also Facebook. The official statement said the company plans to “showcase innovative ways to enrich people’s lives through its interactive and intelligent technology in the Age of Experience“.

It is expected that Samsung will primarily focus on new TVs specifically new 8k models. Smart appliances were also showcased.


The company’s keynote took place 5pm PT or 8pm ET. They shared a dedicated portal for streaming.

The company displayed new TVs, camera equipment and headphones.

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