You Are Richer Than You Think: 3 Fun Things to Learn About Your Salary

Salary funLet’s face it, we are never satisfied with our salary. No matter how much more we earn, we think it is high enough for a month or two; then we start thinking we are worth more.

This is natural and most people will agree with that, I think.

But it is hardly possible that every time we think we are worth a higher salary, we will be paid more.

So this post is meant to satisfy your appetite for some time – 3 fun things about your salary:

1. You earn MUCH more than most people in the world

Yes, no matter what you may think, your salary is really high when compared to many people around the world. You don’t think so, do you?

Then try this tool that shows how rich you are:

How rich are you?

All you need is to provide your current annual salary, choose the currency and hit button “Show me the money!”

Salary fun: how rich are you?

After that you should feel much richer about yourself than you used to. Now, here are some ideas for you to spend that extra money that you appear to have:

  • $8 could buy you 15 organic apples OR 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras to grow and sell fruit at their local market.
  • $30 could buy you an ER DVD Boxset OR a First Aid kit for a village in Haiti.
  • $73 could buy you a new mobile phone OR a new mobile health clinic to care for AIDS orphans in Uganda.
  • $2400 could buy you a second generation High Definition TV OR schooling for an entire generation of school children in an Angolan village.

Note: the number stops updating at an annual salary of $200,001. Meaning that you can play around with higher numbers, but they’ll all say the same thing after that point.

2. Do you dream to become a millionaire? You are closer than you think!

How many of us think of one million dollars as of some crucial, yet unachievable aim. Now, this tool will show you that you are closer to that dream than you think:

When will you be a millionaire?

Provide the details:

  • How much you have;
  • How much you plan to save pre year or per month;
  • Your federal rate;
  • Your state rate;
  • Some tax and growth details;
  • Hit “Calculate” and you are done!

Salary fun

Now you can go plan how you can spend that million!

3. What was your salary worth 50 years ago?

If you are still not convinced that you are rich, go find out how much people in the same position as you earned 50 years ago:

This article (based on data from Marketing Worth’s calculator) lists 25 contemporary jobs and their current salaries* compared with their monetary equivalent 50 years ago:

You can find your job there or use the calculator to estimate your current salary (current data is only available till 2008):

Salary fun

Looks like with the current salary you would have been really rich 50 years ago! Now let’s just wait for scientists to invent a time machine.