Botox Works Wonders On Men Too!

Beauty has always been considered a woman’s domain. However, it is not just women who are beauty-conscious; men are toeing the line and visiting parlors more than they ever did. Men of today are as eager to slap on a beauty mask as a woman. Facials, manicures, pedicures and even Botox are just some of the treatments that men subject themselves to, in their quest for eternal youth.

Men’s skin is also exposed to pollution and smoking, which is harmful to the epidermis and they need all these beauty treatments to look and feel good. A man needs to care about his clothes and grooming because it says a lot about him personally as well as making a huge difference in business. Men with pronounced lines between the brows are usually perceived as stressed or angry and nobody wants to look that way. Botox is fast becoming a man’s favorite treatment, which has been favored mostly by women until now.

Statistics show that about 250000 Botox procedures were performed on men alone in the United States last year, making it the leading cosmetic treatment for men; so much so that it has gained the nickname “Boytox.”

This growing interest for Botox in men has been said to be fuelled by the growing competition, among other things. Men want to look younger because once they reach a certain age; they begin to feel the pressure of the younger generation waiting to take their place.

Botox is a natural and purified protein that temporarily reduces contractions of the facial muscles that cause lines, by blocking nerve transmissions, leaving the skin unwrinkled. This creates a smooth and a more youthful appearance.

Botox treatment is a simple and nonsurgical procedure that requires no anesthesia. Serum is injected into the facial muscles using a tiny needle. It is used for forehead lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, frown lines, brow lift (when one eyebrow is lower than the other) as well as for jaw contouring. It is also used to control sweating of the palms, soles of the feet and armpits.

Contrary to what most people think, Botox does not freeze facial expressions, but it softens them. It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the treatment but the results will show only after about a week, and last for 4-9 months. Side effects are not long-term, with some minor bruising that disappears in a week’s time. Patients are asked to avoid aspirin, alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications at least a week before getting a Botox treatment done. A small percentage of people also report eyelid drooping but this can be avoided by taking care not to rub or lay on the injected areas for about four hours. Botox is affordable and costs the same as some facials.

Doctors say that men need higher doses than women, probably because they have greater muscle mass. It has also been observed that larger and stronger men need more units per treatment area than small-boned men.

Although, Botox is generally considered to be safe, physicians say that it is not totally harmless. In very rare cases, it has the potential to cause anaphylactic shock, which is an allergic reaction that can actually kill people.

Vanity wins and both men and women are more than willing to undergo the ant-bite stings, which is what doctors say it feels like when injecting the Botox serum. However, experts say that this treatment should be avoided by people with neurological disorders as well as women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The safest way to ensure if a person is a good candidate for Botox treatment is to consult a physician.

The best part about Botox is that the world has younger looking men and gone are the days when women looked young and beautiful and the men by their side looked at least a generation older. It still takes getting used to, especially after being fed on Mills & Boon novels while growing up.