Butt Cam For The Denim Devotee!

Buttcam by Jeans West

Women have always been beauty and fashion conscious; anything other than a perfect fitting dress or pants is considered taboo.

Today, men and women of all ages swear by a perfect fitting pair of jeans. This huge demand for jeans leads fashion houses to come up with innovative ideas to keep the customers happy and increase sales.

Jeans are like people and come in various sizes and colors.  The cut and fit of the jeans is very important. Trying out a new pair of jeans in a shop’s changing room entails twisting around sideways, craning the neck to get a glimpse of how it looks from the back or using mirrors.  Another option is to let the person you’ve gone shopping with decide how it looks on you.  The main thing that worries women is if the bum looks too big in a particular pair.

Thanks to a cam introduced by Jeanswest in their changing rooms, now shopping is made a lot easier for ladies, as you no longer need to ask your men, “Does my butt look too big in these jeans?”

Women can now answer this fashion question themselves.  The Butt Cam, as it is called, will show them how their back looks when trying out different jeans.

Stephen Younane, CEO of Jeanswest, an Australian based company, which is one of the biggest jeans and casual wear retailers with several stores abroad, said “It’s important the jeans look and feel great and the Butt Cam provides  the ultimate ‘check point’ moment in the fitting room.”  The company said, “Butt Cam was aimed at giving customers a butt view of what they look like in the latest denim styles.”

For now, the Butt Cam is installed in three Australian stores, where customers will have to show their back to a video camera and it will broadcast a live view on a screen, for the customer to see their back clearly, without having to come out of the changing rooms.

This cam will soon be rolled out nationwide before the end of the year, but it will not be going international as of now. The company has more than 2,200 stores across Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and China.

Although, this is the first of its kind in Australia, similar concepts have been in use in the U.K and the United States by a few fashion makers.  Ted Baker, a British-based fashion chain installed cameras along with video screens to entice customers to buy.  The famous US giant GAP, offered a radio frequency that customers could “read” when clothes were brought into the changing rooms and offered suggestions for accessories on a video screen.

Retailers say that women are sure to find this practical cam a great solution to a common problem they face when shopping. Where men are concerned, they are sure a sale is made in the changing room.  According to a retailer, “Men don’t like going shopping so if you can get them into the change room this is where the sale is made. And for women in particular, if they think their behind looks good in something they’ll buy it.”

For people who are too fat to even twist to be able to see their back, this camera can do it for them.  One retailer says that the Butt Cam and other change room novelties are created with an intention of securing more sales.

But there is a good chance of these cameras being used as a dubious marketing tactic in the future, where the cameras and the TV set up will be able to make customers appear slimmer than they actually are.  This can easily be done by changing screen dimensions.

But one thing is for sure; these cams will take away the monotony of fitting rooms and make the whole experience of trying out and buying a pair of jeans a lot of fun.

If you happen to enter one of the Jeanswest changing rooms in Australia to try out a pair of jeans, and notice that your back looks big through the Butt Cam, then keep in mind that video cameras always add at least 10 pounds or more, and we are not just saying this to console you, it is a fact.

One of the foremost concerns many of you must have is the possibility of your butt being splashed all over the internet.  But you don’t need to worry as the company clarified that the camera does not have any recording feature.

You can now leave your cribbing boyfriend behind when you go shopping for jeans.

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