Exclusive Retreats – How Billionaires Let Their Hair Down!

It’s newsworthy even when members of the elite let their hair down. Not only do their business maneuvers make the front pages of newspapers but also their holiday destinations enter into the global glossies.

The world is their oyster and with billions at their disposal, they just hop onto their private jets and take off their well-manicured fingers to unconventional locales.

Here’s a low-down on the hottest digs of this elite group.

The Hamptons

Located along the east end of Long Island, New York, the Hamptons comprises of towns of East Hampton and Southampton. Anybody who’s somebody owns summer homes there and is a perfect place for a short getaway when the mercury rises. The place is known for the Tiana Beach, with its active sports life and the rocking nightlife with several bars, clubs and world-class restaurants, which are frequented by the connoisseurs of good living. Just the place to rub shoulders with financial tycoons, media moguls, glamorous socialites, Hollywood celebs like Steven Spielberg, notorious personalities and famous singers.

Saint Tropez

This was earlier the main commercial port for France, but has now transformed into the most hedonistic party town in the French Rivera. It has always attracted fashion stalwarts and was catapulted to fame, with the visits of French actress, Brigette Bardot. Come October, you will find several of Europe’s most luxurious yachts and the filthy rich flocking into this beach town to fill the five-kilometer coast line with their sun-bathing bodies. The nightclub scene is hot with regulars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Claudia Schiffer and several others having a rocking time there. France’s richest person and chairman, CEO and major stakeholder of fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior lives there as does Brigette Bardot after giving up her career.


Bermuda is a group of 138 islands and the capital is also Bermuda. It is situated off the east coast of the United States of America and is the oldest British overseas territory in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Its most famous residential area, Tucker’s Town is home to several famous international billionaires. Ex-Prime Minister and Italian media magnate, Silvio Berlusconi spends his holidays in his huge mansion. He is surrounded by neighbors who are equally high-flying; such as Michael Bloomberg, founder of the Bloomberg financial giant; Hollywood couple Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are also permanent residents.

Aspen, Colorado

This is different from the others, as it is in the heart of America. Aspen is a tiny city snuggled between the Aspen Mountains and the Red, Smuggler. Once a mining community, today it is an exclusive ski resort. It is also famous for being the core of American culture. It was the place for the US Comedy Arts Festival, Aspen Music Festival and School, the Aspen Institute and the Aspen Filmfest.

Hollywood’s most famous people holiday in this snow-capped resort. It is easy to come face to face with people like Jack Nicholson, Melanie Griffith Anthony Banderas, Kein Costner, Don Johnson, Kurt Russell, Maria Carey and Goldie Hawn. Ex-CEO of Walt Disney, Michael Eisner and ex-Vice President of Warner Brothers as well as the founder of Dell Computers, Michael Dell have their homes in Aspen.


Jamaica is a nation of the Greater Antilles and is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea. Several musical genres like punk-rock, hip-hop, reggae and ska trace their origins to this beautiful island. International artistes like Sean Paul, Shaggy, Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff are just a few of the famous people who belong to this place.

Amongst the famous admirers of Jamaican beaches, active nightlife and the beauty of the place, is Ralph Lauren, American couture-king. He has a residence there and is a frequent visitor just like numerous other celebrities.

Pantagonia, South America

It is located at the southernmost tip of Argentina. It gets its name from the mythical race of giants called the patagon. This place with nature’s beauty at its raw best takes the breath away of even the most jaded traveler. Several famous people visit this place when they need to get away from their busy lifestyles. CNN Network founder, American Ted Turner and the owners of Italian clothing and the Benetton family own huge amounts of property in the Patagonian land.

Apart from these holiday locations, there are several others, such as the Palm Beach in Florida, the Italian island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea, Necker & Moskito Islands in the Caribbean Sea, a Caribbean island St. Barts and South Africa at the southern end of the great African continent.

These are some of the most frequented places by the rich and the super rich, where they soak in the tropical sun, ski down virgin alpine slopes, sail in the pristine Mediterranean waters or shop at the most expensive boutiques of Milan. Wherever they go, they make sure they get seven-star service and amenities and the most delectable gourmet cuisine.

The latest trend that is catching up is visits to regions like Botswana, Papua New Guinea and Antarctica.

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