laughing creepy clown costume

Worst Funny Halloween Costumes Hilarious Video ~ Share Yours!

Halloween costumes can be really over the top or barely costumes, but if you want to be famous online having the worst ever costumes will get you there fastest.

Here are our selections of truly awful halloween costumes plus a hilarious video from Video Entertainers Rhett and Link. Keep watching – it keeps getting funnier as it goes along.

Obese Elvis phot

Really Too Tight Elvis Impersonator Costume

Shark costume with man's legs hanging out

Man-eating shark costume

For some reason, many people think ordinary trash cans remind them of R2D2 – including this Random Thoughts About Trick or Treating post.

Bad r2d2 costume

Many Halloween costumes are too racy – or too creepy – or too gruesome – to share with you. For those, you’ll have to search and find them yourself.  Even this one isn’t something I would want to look at more than this once:

laughing creepy clown costume
Image Credit: ©Depositphotos/DigitalArtB


I bet you’ve seen even worse costumes than these. Share them in the comments and if yours are best we’ll add them to this post with an attribution and link to the source.

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