How TV and Movie Characters Get on Twitter

TV nad Movie characters on TwitterAfter numerous huge brands got on Twitter, it is no wonder TV and movie characters do that too.

Those imaginary people get second life on Twitter – they become real: they talk and think, answer their fans’ questions, discuss the story line and comment on their daily routine.

Most awesome examples of how Twitter ‘enliven’ popular TV and movie characters are listed below:

Darth Vader is a highly popular Twitter profile for Star Wars evil genius. Other Twitterers from the Star Wars galaxy include his son Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, beautiful Princess Leia, wise Jedi master Yoda, Han Solo, beeping bot R2-D2 and his friend C3PO. Evil side is supported by Darth Sidious and The Emperor.

Fake Twitter profiles: Darth Vader

Buffy Summers is “SO over the vampire thing.” She also keeps in touch with her demon ex-boyfriend Angel and her high school friend.

Fake Twitter: Buffy Summers

Here’s another Twitter profile for Buffy by the way.

Batman calls himself “Dark Knight. Superhero”. The man reports on his daily patrols and accidents:

Fake Twitter accounts: BatMan

Super Man is one the few Batman’s friends. He has too little time to Twitter reporting only on important event:

Fake Twitter accounts: Super Man

Family Guy’s baby troublemaker Stewie Griffin has made only a few updates but already has a huge followship. The only person he talks to is @briangriffin.

Fake Twitter accounts: Stewie Griffin

“Archaeologist, Professor of Archaeology at Marshal College, and Obtainer of Rare Antiquities” Indiana Jones posts updates on his never-ending adventures and related resources:

Fake Twitter acounts: Indiana Jones

The doltish head of the Simpsons’ household Homer Simpson “Twitters his love for donuts, his hatred of Bible-thumping neighbor Ned Flanders as well as random political and sports events:

Twitter fake accounts: Homer Simpson

His smart daughter Lisa Simpson is also on Twitter.

Hobbit Frodo Baggins Tweets about his adventures. His fellow The Lord of the Rings characters include: Freaky Hobbit Gollum and “Still not King” Aragorn:

Fake Twitter account: Aragorn

Dr. Tobias Funke repressed homosexual and psychiatrist in Fox’s “Arrested Development” Tweets his daily experience:

Fake Twitter accounts: Dr. Tobias Funke

Peggy Olson, copywriter on AMC’s Mad Men, reveals the “outside-the-office” edgier side of hers:

fake Twitter accounts: BadPeggyOlson

Fox’s 24 government agent Jack Bauer follows the show plot closely and posts random Tweets sometimes:

Fake Twitter accounts: jack bauer

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