Life’s Continuous Movements!

Have you ever thought about how our body moves? The way we move our hands, the way our legs automatically move as if on cue, the way our muscles contract and expand.  This is our “everyday dance.”

We start dancing the minute we wake up and slide out of bed, as we make our morning cuppa, as we watch the sun rise amidst the colors of dawn, as we get ready for office, and as we get into the car to make it in time for the first appointment.

We are born in our body that becomes our home during our time on earth.  We take this home for granted. We take our movements for granted. But we must remember that it is because of our body that we are able to accomplish everything we do.

People have always been fascinated by the way the human body works. They have been studying and observing, trying to gather information about the body.  It is only recently that people are beginning to be more aware of the body.  Due to the fast-paced lifestyles and pressures, people now long for some solace and in an attempt to achieve emotional and physical health, they try to understand their bodies better.

It is important to slow down in order to enjoy our movements, but learning to slow down is a continuous process.  It is a way of going on with our lives but without the hurry.  A good technique to achieve this is to observe the everyday functions and notice the smallest of things that our body does.

Notice the way you slip on your shoes and slip them off.  See how your whole body cooperates with these movements. You will find it interesting to notice these things. Think of all the movements as a sequence of dance steps.  If taking off your shoes is part of a dance sequence, observe how each of your movements is connected to the next and is totally in rhythm with the other.

Greater awareness of our health can be achieved by observing these simple and common movements.  I know what you are going to say!  Where is the time to notice these small things?  Wouldn’t you attempt to become more aware, if it means it would lead you to better health?

Alexander Lowen, the American psychotherapist who developed bioenergetic analysis, wrote, “a person is in a state of pleasure when the movements of his body flow freely, rhythmically, and in harmony with his surroundings.”

Bioenergetic analysis is a form of mind-body psychotherapy that combines work with the body and the mind to help people resolve their emotional problems and realize their full potential to live a life filled with joy and pleasure.  The approach is based on the understanding of the importance of the body, expression of feeling and re-establishing the flow of energy in the body. The basic idea behind bioenergetic analysis is that a person is nothing but his body, and any experience is actually body experience. The body’s posture, movements, breathing and expressions reveal the person’s emotional status.  They also tell the story of the person’s characteristic way of living in the world.

According to Lowen, we can all do it!  We can open ourselves to life’s continuous movements if we wish to.  This awareness of continuity in our movements brings a feeling of inner connectedness with our own self.  When we feel connected inside, we will also learn to reach out to others.

Here is something beautiful to think about!  If you are in love, your walk will be different from when you are disappointed. Being aware of these things enables the flow of movements just like in dance.

Once we learn to notice the way our body moves, we become informed about our body and our inner self.  This understanding brings more awareness of physicality and feeling, and leads to greater wellness of mind and body, and a lighter sense of being.  You will be able to sense more of the self and tap hidden strengths and inner resources that will lead to a richer life.

Accept the invitation of bioenergetic analysis and step into your own everyday dance!

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