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Most Forgotten Things When People Move!

by Hasan

Are you moving across the state or country? With millions of Americans moving each year, the fact is that even the most organized may not remember every little detail – or every item. You can increase the chances of moving everything important by trying to remember and making a note of all the things that can possibly be “out of sight and out of mind.”

Here are a few things people usually tend to overlook when moving:

Medical Records – Your family medical records as well as veterinary records of your pet. It helps to obtain certified copies of these documents. You may need to get a notarized letter to get them. You can also try transferring the current prescriptions to a drugstore in the new town. These are important records that you should keep handy, especially when going to a new place.

School Records – The permanent school records should be obtained from the schools your children are studying at. You will need them when you are getting your children into new schools. Just check the requirements of the new state or country you are shifting to, as many a time just copies of the records are not sufficient and you will require a raised seal.

Old Phone Numbers – Make sure to take all the phone books with you. It is a good idea to note down all the phone numbers of people close to you. We usually tend to think that we will remember the numbers because we call them often. But we may forget these numbers when we move, if there is a gap. It is better to note down each and every number in the phone book and take it with you.

Items to be Collected or Given Back – Make a list of stuff you need to collect or give back. It could be clothes that are with the drycleaners; shoes, watches, ovens and other household stuff you had given for repair; books you need to return to the library; DVD rentals and any such things that either belong to you or need to be returned.

Give your New Address – This is one of the things that most people tend to forget. Have you provided your new address to the credit cards, banks and other financial institutions? Change the magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Make sure you give your new address to friends, just in case anything needs to be forwarded. You can also fill in the change of address form, sign it and give it at the post office. Don’t forget to notify all your insurance companies and find out about any policy changes.

Animals and Plants – Most moving companies do not transport animals and plants. So, plan ahead of time for their safe transfer to avoid last minute issues.

When it comes to relocation, we are usually concerned about things we should take care of at the old place, it does not occur to make arrangements for certain essential things at the new place.

Bank Account – It is a good idea to open a checking account in the new place at least one month prior to your move. This will give you immediate access to your funds and avoid problems with banks that decline to cash “out-of-town” checks.

New Doctor – if you don’t want it to take months before you can see a general physician or dentist, make sure you make arrangements beforehand. Your doctor at the old place may even recommend someone and arrange things for you. If you have a pet, check out the vet or kennel at the new place, in case your pet needs immediate attention.

Cell Phones and Internet Connection – Learn about cell phone plans in the new area to avoid excessive charges. Determine the high speed internet connections at the new location. If possible see if you can switch the cable or satellite provider from one place to another. Most big companies have their presence in different places.

Utilities – Turn on the utilities at the new address before you shift, so that you don’t have delays once you are there.

Moving can be stressful but being organized is the key to a tension-free move. The best way is to make a checklist for moving with things that need to be done both at the old and the new place. Keep adding to the list as and when an idea pops up. Keep copies of the checklist where all the family members can see. Cross of things that are taken care of. Make moving stress free!

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