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Prince William is Getting Married?

by Hasan

Diana’s oldest son, William, is heir to the throne in Great Britain. As he has aged, the female population of the world has watched with great interest. William may be young, but he is certainly good looking.

Young girls from any number of countries have dreamed of marrying William and becoming queen. Now one might actually get a chance. Of course, the royal family has said nothing of the matter, other than the wave away any speculation as rumors, but there is definitely something to be seen between Prince William and his girlfriend, Kate Middleton.

Rumors have been rampart for years about the young couple. They met in school, and dated for years before suddenly breaking up. The marriage rumors in 2006 had grown so strong William reported wanted nothing to do with them. Friends of the young couple claim the two broke up mutually as they were ready to focus on different things.

After the break-up, Kate refused to talk about it. She turned down millions by not taking on a book deal or interview, and the media nicknamed Kate, Her Shyness. But, her silence was not shyness. Instead she was simply protecting the interests of someone she cared about.

At the Concert for Diana in July, Kate was seated behind William, and many believe this is a sign that the two are back together. Many insiders are starting to leak the news that the two are officially back together, although they have not made a public appearance together or announced that they are dating.

The engagement speculation started anew when the two were seen together at Diana’s concert. Most agree that is seems highly unlikely that the Prince would dump his girlfriend twice. If they do get back together, they will most likely be engaged. Betting houses in Britain are taking two to one odds that there will be a royal wedding within the year.

The royal family has had trouble with weddings in the past, and William may have learned much of his hesitation from his mother. He claims to be too young to wed, despite being in his mid twenties. He is very involved in his military career, which was one of the reasons cited for the original break-up.

His mother, Princess Diana, was wed at nineteen to Prince Charles. The marriage was well known to be unhappy, but started out joyfully. Now, Kate must be considering the possibilities and any similarities or differences in her own situation – assuming the couple is really reuniting. Kate does have certain advantages. She and William have known each other for years and lived together with friends in a student house.

The two have the same friends and share a past. Of course Kate is not royalty and has an established career of her own. She is thought to be a fine match for Prince William, so now the world can only sit back and wait for the next leak or preferably a formal announcement.

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