They ARE Coming for YOUR Cash, Your Car, Your Land, Your House

While most Americans go about their rat-race lives and focus on being entertained by an endless stream of sports and imaginary lives on silver screen and monitor, insidious threats creep ever closer.

Most will not believe what I’m about to write. Many will deny that our property rights are under attack regardless of the proof surrounding us online – even though they could confirm it for themselves – IF they only would.

What threats, you say? Believe it – or not:


Across America, cash-starved government entities are balancing their budgets and paying salaries and buying new “toys” with civil forfeiture money they take like highwaymen.

It is all so very “legal” but definitely not “moral”. But as long as it doesn’t happen to THEM most Americans can rationalize it all away and think the people whose cash, cars, and property are taken away every day must have done SOMETHING to deserve – and reassure themselves this could NEVER happen to them…

….They would be wrong. You could lose not only your property – but also your life or the lives of your loved ones. Consider the Donald Scott Case:


Few Americans realize that your cash can be taken from you
regardless of amount because it could be “drug money”.

News Channel 5 in Tennessee has done multiple investigative stories about Police Profiting Off ALLEGED Drug Trade. Tennessee has multiple agencies fighting over the right to stop vehicles on the “cash” side of the highway – and almost none on the “incoming drug” side.

News Channel 5: Man Loses $22,000 Cash in new “Policing for Profit” Case

Watch that video because those who have their money taken do not even get to tell the judge on their side of what happened?

Many can PROVE how they earned the money and why they had cash on them – such as being enroute to buy a used vehicle. It doesn’t matter. They can simply take your cash – and you may have to hire an attorney to get it back. This is extortion.

We need to wake up to the fact that this “War on Drugs” is the major mechanism by which law enforcement can take money, vehicles and property at will from ANYONE – never charge them with any crime – and unless you have the ability to fight a protracted legal battle you are NOT going to get them back.

Consider this typical case of Federal & Local Law Enforcement Agencies Trying to Take the  Family Motel Caswell from Innocent Owners because they made the mistake of paying off their mortgage.



If Americans are even aware that people were once thrown in prison when they could not pay their debts, what they will remember is that the practice was outlawed…or was it?

Many working class poor have found out otherwise because they are being put in jail for small amounts they can not pay – amounts they should never have owed in the first place!

Minor traffic violations or inability to afford mandatory liability insurance because it is impossible to live on meager available wages are the usual first step to falling head-first down the stairway of the American “legal” system.

Many believe this is not THEIR problem because they can pay their bills – but anyone could end up with medical bills they can not pay.

Breast cancer survivor Lisa Lindsay ended up behind bars when she didn’t pay a medical bill — one the Herrin, Ill., teaching assistant was told she didn’t owe.

“She got a $280 medical bill in error and was told she didn’t have to pay it,” The Associated Press reports. “But the bill was turned over to a collection agency, and eventually state troopers showed up at her home and took her to jail in handcuffs.”

Michael Moore has an even more unusual path to debtor’s prison: college debt:


Even homes that were owned free and clear are being taken away because their so-called “owners” could not pay a utility bill – something much more likely to happen today as utility costs spiral upward or even triple overnight.

Privatization of utilities and especially water supplies can result in
massive increases out of the blue that will cost people their homes!

Some cities have even gone so far as to pass laws that if you don’t keep the power and water turned on to the property you supposedly own, they can take your home even if you do NOT owe them money!

Greedy “investors” are using the power of government to evict lawful owners over small amounts – leaving many of them homeless with nowhere to go.

Stop Tax Lien Foreclosures

If we do not repeal these laws and stop these liens, the tiny wealthy few will end up OWNING – literally OWNING – most of America because most refuse to see that as the dollar’s value declines those who believe they are part of the upper classes are going to join the working poor in the streets. This is why:

Message to tax lien investors: SHAME ON YOU

And don’t even think rationalizing about how you’re the good guy riding in on your white horse to “save” the local government. Lie to yourself but don’t expect US to partake in your delusions of grandeur.


By claiming that property they want to take would benefit the greater good, land developers can take away homes – usually from the poor in areas near major cities where land prices are high – and build projects that line their own pockets at taxpayer expense.

While Dallas Cowboys fans anxiously awaited the building of a new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and the media portrayed those who did not want to lose their homes as ” there was some awareness of what a few called the Dallas Cowboy Stadium Scandal.

Is building a new stadium really important enough to put people
out of their homes or take away their farms and ranches?


Any government entity: city, county, state, or federal agency can decide they need your property more than you do. It does not matter whether you were born in that home and lived there all your lives or your farm or ranch has been in your family for generations.

They can just take your home, your farm, your ranch –
and there is nothing you can do to stop them UNLESS
your fellow Americans stand up together and say ENOUGH!

I wonder if the “law enforcers” ever realize they are paid mercenaries for the wealthy few against their fellow working class Americans? I wonder if they will wake up and say no. Then I realize that is unlikely to happen.

This is only the beginning of the “us versus them” that is coming…the civil war of those who – as we used to hear back in the ’70s – work for “the man” and those who don’t.

We all need to talk to those we know and spread the word –
Share this with people in the military and law enforcement
So they can think about where they will be standing –
with us or against us when it comes to that.

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