TV on Cell Phones

It was only a matter of time before television made the same trip as music and movies. It’s been a long time since cell phones were used simply for making phone calls. They now house hundreds of songs and can download movies from the internet. Some can even pull full-length motion pictures.

Despite these advancements, it has always been complicated to try and get live television onto a mobile phone. Now, however, even this is possible and available.

The Nokia N92 is a cell phone that allows the user to watch television directly on the phone screen. This is done through DVB-H transmissions which brings programming for television directly into the phone. Other phones are being released and developed now with the same technology.

The TV available on mobile phones is anything but basic. The screen of the phone is larger than most handhelds and the color is terrific. The actual programming can be recorded and the phone also allows for instant replays of up to thirty seconds. Overall, the battery on the N92 can sustain up to four hours of straight TV viewing.

When mobile phone rates fell and the cost of owning a mobile phone was comparable to landlines, people began to give up their house phone in favor of a cell. MP3 players are now being replaced by music phones capable of holding a significant portion of their music collection. Does the television on cell phones mean that regular television will soon be a thing of the past?

Not likely. You can already watch television on your computer, but it is hardly mainstream. There is just something about flopping on the sofa with a drink and a snack and taking charge of the remote control. It would be hard to give up the relaxation and creature comforts of a soft couch and your favorite snacks. It would be even harder to give up your forty-two inch plasma in favor of a three inch LCD.

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