What colleges prefer each of the major social networks? Infographic

Which are the Top Social Colleges? [Infographic]

If  you’re currently a college student, chances are you’re at least somewhat of a social media addict.  That also may be the case for your friends as well.  Did you ever think though that your school might be more social than you?

Did you know Facebook was originally only for Harvard College Students?
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In some universities, this is the case.  We found an infographic showing the top 11 colleges across 6 different social networks.  Some are no surprise, as is the case of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg’s alma mater, but other schools also are getting top social marks as well.

What colleges prefer each of the major social networks? InfographicSource: Top Colleges Online

What are the most popular Social Networks on college campuses?
If you’re a student – tell us what YOU use in the comments!
Not a college student? That’s ok – you can tell us what your favs are, too!


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