Who Wanna Be Paris’ New Best friend?

She may be voted the dumbest person with no grey cells, but these polls have no effect on the magnetic power she holds and proof lies in the 85000 people who would do anything to be her best friend.

We are talking about the MTV reality show named, “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF,” (best friend forever,) which has received a lot of publicity, as is everything else about this ‘Simple Life” star. This celebrity is said to be seeking a potential friend from this show. Could this be because Nicole Richie, her best friend is enveloped in marital bliss and has no time for her dear friend?

This show, for which voting has officially ended, will select 20 finalists from among the thousands of clamoring contestants. The idea behind the show is to find a friend for Paris Hilton, who says she is fed up of all the haters and wants to have someone she can trust.

The website, ParisBFF.com has seen thousands of visitors and more than six million page views from the time it went live five weeks ago, casting their votes to win a place in the top 20.

Over the last few weeks, several wannabes filled out their profiles with blogs, videos, pictures that explain why they deserve to walk the red carpets of the world’s most popular hotspots with Paris Hilton.

Paris is supposedly checking out the votes herself. When Paris was asked who would be her preference, whether a boy or a girl, she replied that it does not matter, as long as it is someone she can have fun with and trust, and a person who will be able to handle everything that goes along with being a friend of Paris’.

This show according to Paris is all about people who are not shy of the media or the camera, who have fun personalities, who are willing to reveal their deepest secrets and people who are completely honest and love having a good time.

This is a ten episode series, during which time all the twenty contestants will fight for a chance to be Paris Hilton’s new best friend, when the production starts at the end of May. They will move into a house with her and learn everything related to her lifestyle, about being a socialite, including fashion, shopping, parties, surviving scandals and managing feuds. The contestants will also be expected to compete in various challenges that will test their endurance, loyalty and girl politics.

According to MTV, the winner will join her entourage and will receive “an all-access pass to the VIP section of the VIP section, and life lessons from the master of contemporary Hollywood celebrity,” whatever that entails. It is not known what the winner will win in the form of either a cash prize or something else.

Along with all the excitement related to this show, speculation is ripe among nay-sayers who believe that this is all a game for Paris and she will dump the winner the minute the show is over.

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